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Religion and Worship

Pastor John Gray talks about ‘painful days’ amid 10th wedding anniversary

By M. Lucas-Davis / December 15, 2020

Pastor John Gray faces backlash after allegedly cheating on his wife — again

By M. Lucas-Davis / November 11, 2020

Kanye West, Joel Osteen ridiculed for ‘walking on water’ during Sunday Service

By A.R. Shaw / September 7, 2020

Pastor John Gray apologizes to wife and church for behavior (video)

By Terry Shropshire / September 2, 2020

Pastor Christoppher Stackhouse shares inspiration behind George Floyd’s eulogy

By A.R. Shaw / July 9, 2020

Why Shaun King says depiction of Jesus Christ is form of White supremacy

By A.R. Shaw / June 24, 2020

Pastor goes viral after preaching ‘church is still open but building is closed’ (video)

By A.R. Shaw / May 23, 2020

Joel Osteen’s virtual Easter service will feature Kanye West and A-list stars

By Terry Shropshire / April 7, 2020

John Legend and Bishop T.D. Jakes tell people to stay home from church

By Terry Shropshire / April 7, 2020

Nation of Islam celebrates 2020 Saviours’ Day in Detroit

By A.R. Shaw / February 23, 2020

Pastor John Gray owes $75K in unpaid employee wages, new lawsuit claims

By Terry Shropshire / January 16, 2020

Pastor John Gray returns to Relentless Church and delivers a defiant message

By Terry Shropshire / January 13, 2020

Pastor John Gray’s Relentless Church facing possible eviction

By Terry Shropshire / January 3, 2020

Kanye West holds Sunday Service for inmates in Houston (video)

By Terry Shropshire / November 17, 2019

Kanye West service at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church requires tickets

By Terry Shropshire / November 14, 2019

Kanye West said Republican Party freed slaves during Utah service (video)

By Terry Shropshire / October 7, 2019

Pastor David F. Richards leads New Hope AME to historic milestone

By Terry Shropshire / August 11, 2019

Rev. Carl F. Hunter II helping people recover through ministry

By Tigner / June 16, 2019

Justin ‘I Am Justified’ Milburn ministering on the streets of Houston

By Tigner / June 12, 2019

Tara Jenkins says ‘irrepressible resilience’ is her superpower

By Rolling Out / June 2, 2019