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Things haven’t been so great for Master P in the tabloids this past week as he’s been criticized by the public for playing the blame game against other celebrities when it comes to Lamar Odom’s recent health tragedy. But it looks like P isn’t only facing trouble in the press; he’s also facing trouble at home because reports now claim that his estranged wife has decided to sue their famous son, Romeo Miller.

According to TMZ, Sonya Miller decided to sue her son, claiming that his dad is using Romeo to hide assets from her in their nasty divorce battle.

In the lawsuit, Miller claims that she and P started the famous hip-hop label No Limit Records. However, in 2010 Romeo and P started the new label No Limit Forever. Miller claims that it’s basically the same as their original label except Romeo is the company’s founder and owner. However, Miller claims that P is really the boss of the new label.

Miller also claims that P’s Reelz reality series, “Master P’s Family Empire,” earned him a $750K payday for the first season; however, she claims that P kept her from touching the money by putting their son on the payroll documents.

Although Miller filed the suit against Romeo, she claims in the documents that she doesn’t personally blame her son. Instead, she claims that Romeo might be getting used by his father.

Well, whether she’s right or not this is one messy divorce and it’s going to take a lot for their family to get past this.


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  • cupcake333

    master p doesnt not want to relinquish sonya half to her so they can move on ,why any man think he can run a company with his wife then leave her out is ludacrist at the finest he need to be fair ,i believe her cause all of a sudden romeo is ceo of the company? and why? his daddy is not dead or too old to run it .. this is a real life empire. black folks dont know how to run a business as a family like donald trump kids do they work around their dad not try to run something to help him cover up his own flaws , master pee though he won, with this plan to hide money sonyas lawyer are smart they know what he did . while he in kobe businesss he better get his own life

    • TheBurningBush

      read the article and think he didn’t leave her out of anything he started another company with his son which is common for people to do. By law she only are entitle to half of what he is entitle to not half of the company he started with his son, plain and simple.

      • Deandra Tucker

        But if he took all of the money from no limit which she was a business patner.She could be entitle but at the end of the day husband or Wife business should be business.She should have had paperwork and lawyers for her business affairs

  • TheBurningBush

    sounds like business however when emotions and money get involved in a divorce only the lawyers come out on top!

  • Malibu Jones

    I hope they can work this out!

  • Anna

    Typical, so many men do the same thing. They put their homes in their mother and father’s names, or their sibling’s names.

  • Deandra Tucker

    It’s not about the money I think he truly cares about her well being.I heard she has a bad drug habit etc. So with out a plan and the right people and her corner Sonya will fail I think P is trying to hold on because he LOVE HER.

  • Johnny Cromwell

    Pray for the Miller family