Master P’s wife sues their son Romeo Miller

Master P/YouTube Screenshot

Things haven’t been so great for Master P in the tabloids this past week as he’s been criticized by the public for playing the blame game against other celebrities when it comes to Lamar Odom’s recent health tragedy. But it looks like P isn’t only facing trouble in the press; he’s also facing trouble at home because reports now claim that his estranged wife has decided to sue their famous son, Romeo Miller.

According to TMZ, Sonya Miller decided to sue her son, claiming that his dad is using Romeo to hide assets from her in their nasty divorce battle.

In the lawsuit, Miller claims that she and P started the famous hip-hop label No Limit Records. However, in 2010 Romeo and P started the new label No Limit Forever. Miller claims that it’s basically the same as their original label except Romeo is the company’s founder and owner. However, Miller claims that P is really the boss of the new label.

Miller also claims that P’s Reelz reality series, “Master P’s Family Empire,” earned him a $750K payday for the first season; however, she claims that P kept her from touching the money by putting their son on the payroll documents.

Although Miller filed the suit against Romeo, she claims in the documents that she doesn’t personally blame her son. Instead, she claims that Romeo might be getting used by his father.

Well, whether she’s right or not this is one messy divorce and it’s going to take a lot for their family to get past this.

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