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Soulja Boy backs away from beef with Vivica A. Fox

Photo Credit: Soulja Boy's Instagram (@souljaboy)

Photo Credit: Soulja Boy’s Instagram (@souljaboy)

Vivica A. Fox sent the internet into a frenzy on Sunday night when she spoke about 50 Cent’s XXL cover with Soulja Boy and insinuated that her ex-boyfriend is gay. The drama blew up even further after both 50 and Soulja Boy responded and bashed Fox online. It’s safe to say that there’s definitely bad blood between 50 and Fox, but according to Soulja Boy he doesn’t have any hard feelings for the actress.

As previously reported, when Fox was asked by “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen about 50 reposting an Instagram post that claimed “Empire’s” ratings had slipped because of “gay stuff,” she hinted that she believes 50 might be gay.

“First of all, you know the pot calling the kettle black is all Im’ma say,” Fox said.

She then referenced the XXL cover (although she mistakenly thought it was Vibe) saying, “I just never forget that there was a Vibe cover with him and Soulja Boy that made me kind of go hmmm.”

Afterwards, 50 and Soulja Boy proceeded to blast Fox on Instagram, with Soulja Boy saying, “Everybody hit up this cougar..she’s single & ready to mingle …1-800-GrannyDesperateForAttention extension I’mWashedUp.”

Last night, Fox spoke about the beef on Twitter and clarified that she didn’t mean to bring Soulja Boy into her drama with 50.

Vivica A. Fox - Soulaj Boy Apology Tweet

However, it looks like Soulja Boy isn’t as upset with Fox as we all originally thought. According to TMZ, Soulja Boy tells them that he’s unsure why Fox decided to bring up his name or the cover while talking about 50. Furthermore, he claims he doesn’t even personally know Fox.

Although Fox claimed that the cover makes 50 look gay, Soulja Boy defended the cover to TMZ, saying he believes he looks “dope” in the photograph.

Soulja Boy went on to tell the site that he doesn’t plan on holding a grudge against Fox. Now that he’s said his peace about the matter – and shaded her – he plans to just move on from this infamous fiasco.


  1. guest on November 10, 2015 at 9:31 am

    That cover was as sweet as the Baby Lil Wayne kiss!

  2. FuZ on November 10, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    I guess because he was on the cover he could feel involved. But I was focused more on what she said about 50. But then again, shirtless with the drawls showing is suspect too.