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Feds to gather Apollo Nida’s things from Kandi Burruss’ home

Kandi Burruss/ Bravo Screenshot

Kandi Burruss/ Bravo Screenshot

Todd Tucker has stood by Apollo Nida’s side throughout Nida’s prison and divorce ordeal, even going so far as to store some of Nida’s belongings at Tucker and Kandi Burruss’ home. But it looks like Tucker’s hospitality has now gotten him and Burruss caught up in Nida’s legal drama because a report claims the feds are going to enter Burruss’ home to retrieve Nida’s things.

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” watched during the first two episodes of the season as Bravo cameras revealed that Tucker had obliged Nida’s request to store his motor bikes in Burruss’ garage while he’s in prison. Burruss wasn’t too pleased about having Nida’s things at her home. Making matters worse was the fact that Burruss’ estranged BFF, Phaedra Parks, told Burruss that it seriously rubbed her the wrong way that Burruss was holding onto her husband’s things for him, especially since the feds had asked Parks to tell them the whereabouts of Nida’s missing items, which she was initially unaware of.

It turns out that the feds had no idea where the motor bikes were either until Bravo aired footage of the bikes in Burruss and Tucker’s garage.

According to TMZ, Nida owes nearly $2 million dollars in restitution for the victims of his fraud and identity theft scheme and the feds were looking for his valuable 2014 Ducati and Yamaha Raptor ATV because they can be used to pay his victims.

Sources say that two days after the footage aired, the feds requested an order from a judge to enter Burruss’ home to retrieve the bikes.

If Tucker and Burruss are holding onto anything else of Nida’s, they might want to go ahead and give that to the feds as well so they can finally untangle themselves from his legal issues.


  1. Nigg.Newton on November 20, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    This is typical of the BLACK AMERICAN…too busy FRONTIN’ in the camera to realize WHITE FOLKS are looking to take what you GOT~!!!

  2. Perry on November 23, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Newton, call me