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News2 » Cops and civilians injured in Black Friday mass shooting

Cops and civilians injured in Black Friday mass shooting

A mass shooting in Colorado Springs, Co (Image Source: Colorado Springs Police Department/RO Text)

A mass shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Image Source: Colorado Springs Police Department/ro graphic)

A reported mass shooting has taken place in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and police are stating that an active shooter alert has been issued at a Planned Parenthood location in the city of 400,000. Early reports are that at least three police officers and multiple civilians have been shot. There is no word yet on the extent of the victims’ injuries. The shooting took place at a busy strip mall shopping center as many people began their Black Friday shopping. Police initially warned residents that the shooter was still at large. In the continuing developments police are now stating that scene has been contained. The White House announced that President Obama has been notified about the situation.

A police tactical vehicle was seen loading patients from the Planned Parenthood center. In addition, people in nearby businesses in the area were told to “shelter in place.” Federal officials from the ATF and FBI are on the scene as well as local and state law enforcement. It is not clear yet if this is another instance of domestic terrorism.

Earlier this week, three members of the Black Lives Matter movement were injured in a mass shooting in Minneapolis. Police have arrested two suspects in that shooting.

This most recent shooting continues a troubling start to the holiday season across the country.


  1. FuZ on November 27, 2015 at 10:38 pm

    Does the shooting have anything to do with Black Friday other than occurring on the same day?

  2. Nigg.Newton on November 28, 2015 at 7:37 am

    Notice how the WHITE MEDIA, has put a NAME and Emotions to this KILLER. Nobody is calling him a WHITE TERRORIST, Killer, or Protester!

    All they are saying is his NAME and giving emotions to this KILLER. That’s called WHITE RACISM and how WHITE MEDIA changes the NARRATIVE when Blacks are involved.

    When it’s us BLACKS, we are Protesters, Gangs, Thugs, or Activist. NOTHING good or none of our names given. Perfect example, the Chicago shooting of the little BOY. Now it’s gang related. HOW SO?