Adorable techie and blogger Jahmil ‘Jae’ Eady believes in love on her own terms

Jahmil “Jae” Eady (Photo courtesy: FYI)
Jahmil “Jae” Eady (Photo courtesy: FYI)

Jahmil “Jae” Eady goes through a series of dating scenarios including same-sex relationships and interracial love on the new FYI series “#BlackLove.”

Under the guidance of two relationship experts, certified dating coach and author, Damona Hoffman; and psychotherapist and author Jack A. Daniels, the a 26-year old Web developer discovers love can be found outside the box.

Read on to learn what Eady discovered about love and how she can take her brand to the next level.

What made you feel comfortable doing the show?
I saw the other shows that the network FYI did like “Married at First Sight” and I really like the way they explored evocative topics. I also liked that the premise of the show was five fabulous professional women dating and searching for love. It sounded like a lot of fun and as it turns out, it was!

Name two of your favorite Hollywood icons and why you appreciate their body of work?
I love Shonda Rhimes but then who doesn’t? I think Shonda is a wonderful role model. First she is an incredible writer and producer. Her characters are complex and often deeply flawed — that’s realistic. This is something we can all identify with. So they hit home. Shonda’s life philosophy of living life on your own terms, saying yes to both your dreams and your fears and just general badassery is an inspiration.

Franchesca Ramsey. I feel like I have grown up with her. It’s been nine years since I started watching Chescaleigh’s YouTube hair videos on how to care for and style locks. I loved her wit and whimsy back then and today, she inspires me even more and in various areas of my life. The girl is a beast. She’s constantly putting out content and working on so many projects at any given time. It’s like – “how does she have the time!” Then I realized, wait — if she found the time, I can too. She’s one of the people who inspired me to start my own lifestyle blog, “”

What did you learn about yourself while working on the project?
I realized that I am a very capricious person. I also realized that’s perfectly OK. It’s not something I’m going to run from, instead I’m going to fully own that part of myself– make it work for me.

Take the name of you current project and describe how you have grown in understanding working with the television production.
I learned a lot about the media industry while filming #BlackLove– how much work and planning goes into every scene and the difference between Reality TV and a docu-series.

Finish the sentence.
My character shows emotion like …
An egg. Seems hard on the outside but a little crack in the shell reveals my true nature.

Being filmed allowed me to …
Let go. Get out of my head and just be 100 present in the moment.

My favorite part about this project is…
The friends I gained along the way.

If I could have a dinner party with Hollywood icons and invite five iconic living women I would invite …
Shonda Rhimes
Oprah Winfrey
Lupita Nyong’o
Meryl Streep
Jada Pinkett-Smith

My three favorite books to read …
Americanah by Chimamanda Adiche
Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde
From Seed to Harvest by Octavia Butler

Sister is (are) …

Katrina, Nivea and Teniesha

Love is …

“Not just a verb it’s you looking in the mirror” -Kendrick Lamar

Tune in to #BlackLove on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 10:15 p.m. EST.

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