‘#BlackLove’s’ Laree Thomas discovers that love is the key, find out how

Laree “LA” Thomas (Photo courtesy: FYI)
Laree “LA” Thomas (Photo courtesy: FYI)

Laree “LA” Thomas, 35, is a travel consultant who is charged with the task of planning an unprecedented journey: finding true love. Joining four powerful women in New York, Thomas attempts to discover the issues that have held them back from finding a fulfilling and loving relationship under the guidance of relationship experts Damona Hoffman and Jack A. Daniels.

Thomas shares her journey.

What made you feel comfortable doing the show?
Monet was a big part of why I felt comfortable doing the show. The cast had dinner before filming, and she shared her experiences about her filming life both on and off the camera. Her unfiltered honesty is what helped to ease my discomfort.

Name two of your favorite Hollywood icons and why you appreciate their body of work. 
Two of my favorite Hollywood icons are Will Smith and Denzel Washington because they have constantly selected roles within their career that were challenging and not stereotypical. The roles that they have chosen have been thought-provoking, entertaining, and forwarding with integrity.

What did you learn about yourself while working on the project?
While working on this project, I’ve learned that I can be difficult to understand. I am a logical thinker, and with love, the two mixed together can be confusing to others when trying to express your feelings.

Describe how you have grown in understanding working with the television production.
I have grown in working with the television production of “#BlackLove” by challenging myself to adapt quicker to fast changing environments. Production life requires constant changes in which you may or may not be prepared for, yet still give it your all. I tend to overthink things and in production, it’s very little room for that.

Finish the sentence.
My character shows emotions like …
A turtle or hedgehog. When I am in unfamiliar surroundings or if I am uncomfortable, I tend to go in a shell or I may push the spines out for protection.

Being filmed …
Allowed me to share a small part of my love life in which I hope others may relate to or be inspired by.

My favorite part about this project is …
It is a positive show that is encouraging five women to work through their challenges with relationships and also their challenges with dating in this era.

If I could have a dinner party with Hollywood icons and invite five iconic living women, I would invite
Ava Duvernay … Grace Jones … Jada Pinkett Smith … Serena Williams … Oprah

My three favorite books are …
Stone Butch Blues … Eat, Pray, Love … Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime

Love is 
The key to life. Without it, we are not living.

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