Planned Parenthood’s shooter’s courtroom drama

Mass shooter Robert L. Dean, age 57. (Photo Source: Colorado Springs Police Department)
Mass shooter Robert L. Dean, age 57. (Photo source: Colorado Springs Police Department)

The horrific act of domestic terror by Planned Parenthood mass killer, Robert Dear, 57, shocked the nation. Dear killed three people and injured many more on Nov. 27, during the Black Friday shopping season. He made a court appearance Dec. 10 and left no doubt about his role in the crime. Dear shouted, “I am guilty, there will be no trial’ adding that he did it ‘for the babies.”

Dear is facing 179 charges for the massacre and was in court to hear the charges but was not required to enter a plea at the hearing. Throughout the court proceedings he was described as shouting and making rambling statements that included “You’ll never know the amount of blood I saw in that place.” When his lawyers were called to a sidebar by the judge for discussions over Dear’s mental competency to stand trial and about sealing pre-trial documents, it caused another outburst. Dear shouted to the court “I’m competent” and “Seal the truth, huh? Kill the babies, that’s what Planned Parenthood does.” Dear went on to address the court by shouting “Planned Parenthood and my lawyer are in cahoots because they don’t want the truth out.”

Dear’s, defense attorney, Dan King, indicated to the judge that based on his client’s outbursts Dear should be evaluated. At which point Dear shouted, “I’m not going to agree to mental health evaluations so they can’t put me on psychotropic drugs so I can’t talk like the Batman guy.”  King was also one of the attorneys for Aurora movie theater mass shooter James Holmes who dressed as the comic villain “Joker” and killed moviegoers at a Batman premiere.

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