NBA baller Lance Stephenson facing baby mama child support drama

Lance Stephenson
Photo courtesy of the National Basketball Association

Already dealing with his team underperforming and accusations of his own play being sub-par, Los Angeles Clippers guard Lance Stephenson now has one more headache to deal with in the form of a child support case brought on by Feby Torres, the mother of his two young children.

Torres is accusing Stephenson of lowballing his child support payments and recently took the baller back to court seeking to have the amount of child support she receives increased from $6K per month to $12K per month. The young mother says she needs the additional $6K per month to help with moving to a safer part of Brooklyn as well putting the money towards childcare so she can go back to school.

“He told me they didn’t need the amount of money I’m receiving now, and he’ll do anything for them, and he doesn’t want to come to court anymore,” Torres told a judge during a hearing at a Brooklyn Family Court last week. “I would like the court to award me something reasonable, something that fits my children’s needs.”

According to Stephenson’s attorney, Laurence Greenberg, the $6K per month that Torres receives would be more than enough if only she didn’t squander it for her own use.

“There is money being spent where by there’s no need for additional child support,” Greenberg said. “Ms. Torres makes no financial contributions to the children, has her own personal expenses met…she is enhancing her own personal lifestyle.”

Torres, an aspiring media personality who recently appeared in 2 Milly’s “Milly Rock” video, testified that she has not had a job since dropping out of school over a year ago.

Greenberg said during the hearing that his client is not attempting to underpay Torres and is willing to pay for any reasonable expense the kids may have including the $3K Torres says she needs to send the children to summer camp.

“This is all very nice,” replied Torres’ lawyer Daniel Nottes, “but the kids are still living in a place where there’s gun shots.”

Stephenson didn’t take the stand in last week’s hearing but is expected to testify when the case reconvenes in March.

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