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L. McGregor and Little Pampu hop into adventures

L McGregor Little Pampu

Photo courtesy of L. McGregor

In 2012, Chicago-based children’s author L. McGregor introduced Chicago and the world to a little chocolate bunny named“Little Pampu. “Pampu” is Swahili for pump. Little Pampu is an adventurous little brown rabbit who belongs to the family of Chocolate Bunnies that prove to children that their dreams can come true.

You introduced the world to “Little Pampu” in 2012. What’s been happening with the little chocolate rabbit?
She has been busy! Little Pampu, the Chocolate Bunny, is now a life-size mascot that visits schools, Stop the Violence events, picnics and other events.

Was it easier to write a second book?
The second book was much easier to write than the first book. I now have a “template” of the type of books I want to write for children. I have become very familiar with my target audience. The third book is now with the illustrator.

Little Pampu has traveled around the world. Will there be other adventures that we can look forward to and what can we expect?
In the third book, Little Pampu goes to Rome. On her list, is to visit Spain, Cuba, Africa and other locations, including Mars or another planet. For every adventure that she has, she learns something and proves that dreams do come true.

How did you get past the negativity when you were writing your books? What advice would you give other aspiring writers?
There will always be negativity and people that feed into it. Some people have failed themselves in not following their own dreams and expect/want you to fail. I ignore them and stay away from those types of individuals. My dream is my dream. I have to stay focus and not let their negative energy or thoughts interfere with the positivity that I aim to bring to children and their families. This is the message I would give to aspiring writers or anyone. Also, they should write as often as possible. It can be difficult when there are other responsibilities but find the time. It’s worth it!

What has been the greatest sense of satisfaction in writing?
The feedback! I love when people tell me their children, grandchildren, or any children in their lives, love the books, products and Little Pampu. I love the reactions from children regarding Little Pampu! The awards and other accolades will come soon too.

You can find Little Pampu at and online at

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