Ex-stripper shoplifts at Wal-Mart, attacks security guard

Carolyn Wright, 23 (image Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department)
Carolyn Wright, 23 (image Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department)

Shopping at the Walmart can be an adventure in many parts of the country. From the fashion challenged to the downright crazy, there are many strange but true stories that seem to always be in the news. Take for example the case of Carolynn Wright and the Walmart in Myrtle Beach, SC. She was observed by loss prevention officers Candice Lawsom and Suzanne Koseroski shoplifting. When the security guards attempted to stop her from leaving the store, a fight ensued. Wright punched Koseroski in the head, causing her to bleed from the ear. Then she turned to Lawsom and bit off a part of her finger. When a customer tried to call 911, Wright snatched her phone and pulled her hair. The customer then punched Wright in the face and Wright took off running.

Wright ran into the parking lot and approached a gold minivan and told the driver to “run.” The man responded that he couldn’t move because someone was standing in front of his vehicle. The police arrived and chased Wright down. She stopped resisting when she was about to be tased.
Carolyn Wright, is a former stripper also beat a fellow dancer with a high heeled clear plastic shoe. (Image Source: Facebook Carolyn Wright)
The items Wright stole came to $40.07 and included a pack of condoms, lube, a bra and two pairs of panties. Wright is a former stripper, who was previously arrested for beating a fellow dancer with her clear plastic high heel shoe in March 2015. She has been charged with shoplifting and aggravated assault. She was denied bond.

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