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Music » Gabriella Sands-Jones takes management to another level

Gabriella Sands-Jones takes management to another level

Derek Blanks, Photographer for Gabriella Sands-Jones

Photo by Derek Blanks, courtesy of Gabriella Sands-Jones

Gabriella Sands-Jones takes it all in stride as a single mother who does it all.  Deeply rooted in her faith, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to further her career. Sand-Jones travels around the world with her clients ensuring that everything runs smoothly.  Her world looks glamorous, but people have no idea of the hard work and sacrifices that come with it.

What is your official title and what are your responsibilities? 
Marketing coordinator for Entertainment One.  Business manager for SangGirl Inc

What inspired you to pursue a career in the music industry? 
I’ve loved music my entire life. It’s my mental. I’ve been singing since I can remember so I knew I would be in this industry in some capacity.

Please share some of the people you work with? 
Currently, I’m working with some amazing gospel artists: Erica Campbell, Michelle Williams, Jonathan McReynolds and Deitrick Haddon, along with some mainstream artists Kelly Price, Lalah Hathaway and one of my favorites, Tweet. That is the short list.

What special skill set must one have to become successful in your field? 
It’s a must to be a multitasker and a [problem] solver to sustain in this business. Another quality you may laugh at but a follow-up chic is a feature you can’t forget!

What has been your biggest accomplishment professionally? 
Seeing a project develop from the ground up. From the conference room table mapping out a vision for a artist to initiating a photo shoot, creating the artwork for the album and layout to hearing the music deciding on lead singles rolling out the marketing plan working with digital and radio to get it up and running visual and music driven. Then watching it make to the top and the awards and recognition that come with it. I get a joy seeing the end result and knowing I had a part in it. It’s the greatest feeling to date.

Talk about the most difficult hurdle you had to deal with professionally. 
I wouldn’t call it a hurdle. I actually love the challenge; it develops my skill set. I’m the go-to person when it’s an issue. At first I was like naw. …Why me? But then I figured it was a strong skill for me. My pastor back home called me “Liv” the Fixer.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I see myself having a foundation for young mothers. I had my first child at 19 and didn’t know what I was going to do to take care of her. My career path wasn’t set, but God had a plan for me so I want to encourage a young mother just because the blessing of child came early, you can still go after what you’ve dreamed about — no limits. I also see myself with a management company helping to develop artists career and possibly working on television projects.

What advice would you give someone young who is interested in the business? 
If you’re interested in this music industry BE about it not in it. It’s not all the money and fame that keeps the drive even though financial stability is a goal but you have to love, live and want it everyday! It’s ever changing and evolving so be ready for a lot to be thrown your way but as for me I love it, I prayed for it so it’s G’s life!