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Illinois primary elections important for Chicago

Black Voters (Photo Credit: Rolling Out)

Black Voters (Photo Credit: Rolling Out)

On March 15, 2016, Cook County residents, which includes Chicago, will face important decisions in the upcoming Illinois primary elections. The elections for March include nominations for the following offices for the Nov. 8, 2016, Illinois general election:

-Party candidates for U.S. president for November 2016
– U.S. senator
– State Comptroller (Vacancy – 2-year unexpired term)
– Representatives in Congress (all districts)
– State senators (2-year terms in Districts 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 and 20; 4-year terms in Districts 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16 and 28)
– State representatives (all districts)
– Commissioners of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (3 for 6-year terms and 1 for an unexpired 2-year term)
– Cook County Circuit Court Clerk
– Cook County State’s Attorney
– Cook County Recorder of Deeds
– Board of Review (Tax Appeals) Commissioners: District 1 for four-year term; District 2 for two-year term
– Supreme, Appellate, Circuit and Sub-circuit Judges to fill vacancies if required

During the March 15, 2016, primary elections, Chicago voters will cast ballots to elect candidates to the following:

– Delegates and alternate delegates to the national nominating convention  (Note: delegates at large and alternate delegates at large may be elected at the primary, or selected by the state convention, or chosen by a combination of the two methods.)
– Ward committeemen for the Democratic and Republican Parties, one per party per ward in the city of Chicago

This year is important because all State Representatives are up for re-election and a unique chance exists for Cook County residents to change the direction of the area. It is interesting to note that State Rep. Monique D. Davis, Dem., is running unopposed in the 27th district despite her past controversy over eviction legislation she introduced.   The legislation would have  privatized the eviction process in Cook County. Illinois is a key state for Democrats for the 2016 Presidential election and Hillary Clinton is expected to carry the state in November. To check your voting status you should contact the Chicago Board of Elections at:

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