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Keyshia Cole opens up about pregnancy by Bow Wow rumors

Photo Credit: Bow Wow's Instagram (@shadmoss)

Photo credit: Bow Wow’s Instagram (@shadmoss)

It hasn’t been that long since Bow Wow and his former fiancée, Erica Mena, split, but last month it seemed like Bow Wow had already moved on to a new girl when rumors began floating around that he and Keyshia Cole had struck up a relationship. The rumors then took a surprising twist when sources began saying that Bow Wow and Cole were already expecting a child together. Now, after weeks of letting the rumors run rampant, both Cole and Bow Wow have set the record straight on how they feel about each other.

As previously reported, the rumors about a romance between Bow Wow and Cole were fueled by Bow Wow, who repeatedly made Instagram posts about Cole while never clarifying if he was romantically involved with her or not. Meanwhile, Cole recently took a brief hiatus from her social media pages, leaving fans to wonder if she’d broken the vow she’d made last year to become celibate following an alleged split from Cash Money CEO Birdman.

However, Cole recently began making posts again and yesterday she went on Instagram and responded to a post by BET about the relationship and pregnancy rumors.

Photo Credit: Keyshia Cole's Instagram (@keyshiacole)

Photo credit: Keyshia Cole’s Instagram (@keyshiacole)

“No I’m not #Preggo by Mr @shadmoss baby would have some beautiful eyes tho, He’s one handsome fellow. But No we’re not dating nor expecting a child together,” Cole captioned the photo.

Bow Wow also gave a clear response to the rumors as well, echoing Cole’s message that they are just friends.

“I am single and have no time to fall in love. Im focused…. ***** just aint important to me at this time. Slows me down knocks me off my hustle. Besides… I love all my women. All of them,” Bow Wow wrote on his Facebook page.

However, Bow Wow seemed to be playing mischievous again as he posted yet another status on Facebook, posting this morning, “She still my boo… Hahaha head rubs are the best.”

Well, there you have it folks.

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