Shocking revelation in 50 Cent’s ongoing bankruptcy ordeal

50 Cent
Photo Credit: Instagram / @50Cent

It turns out that 50 Cent isn’t as broke as he’d like us, and more importantly, his bankruptcy judge, to believe.

According to records obtained by the Daily Mail, the 40-year-old mogul currently has about $64 million in assets, including $10 million in checking and stocks. Those amounts are a far cry from the total assets the rapper claimed to have had during recent bankruptcy proceedings.

Instead, the Daily Mail goes on to report that 50, born Curtis Jackson, has home goods and jewelry into the hundreds of thousands according to appraisers, and is reportedly earning almost $200K per month.

“Last month, he filed documents in the bankruptcy stating he only had $16 million in assets,” the U.K. based publication states. “However, it appears appraisers checked into it all – and found his assets total over $64 million and that he only has liabilities totaling more than $36 million. In addition, 50 Cent’s current monthly income is $184,000-plus. The appraisers also valued his home goods to $131,000 including $49,000 in jewelry alone. Appraisers found he has over $10 million in checking and stocks as well as his various G-Unit and other business’ which are worth over $44 million.”

One can only wonder how these new seemingly concrete revelations will go over with Judge Ann Nevins, who had recently summoned the G-Unit boss to answer questions about his cash flashing on social media.

“I’m concerned about allegations of nondisclosure and a lack of transparency in the case,” Judge Nevins said then at the hearing in Hartford, Connecticut. “There’s a purpose of having a bankruptcy process be transparent, and part of that purpose is to inspire confidence in the process.”

Of course, 50’s bankruptcy drama stems from his being sued by Lastonia Leviston for posting a sex tape of her online, reportedly as a blow to rival rapper Rick Ross, who shares a child with the young woman. 50 filed for bankruptcy last June shortly after Leviston hit him with a lawsuit. She was subsequently awarded a total of $7 million in damages.

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