Terrence J opens up about Brandy, Cassie dating rumors

Photo Credit: Terrence J's Instagram (@iamterrencej)
Photo Credit: Terrence J’s Instagram (@iamterrencej)

Terrence J is undeniably one of the hottest young men in Hollywood and with his handsome good looks, it’s easy to see why he’d have his pick of the many women who fawn after him. However, rumors have been going around about Terrence’s connection with two celebrity women in particular: singers Brandy and Cassie. And now he’s opened up and set the record straight on what his relationship is like with both women.

This week, Terrence appeared on the “Wendy Williams Show” and discussed his role in the new movie The Perfect Match, in which his on-screen love interest is played by Cassie. In the interview, Terrence denied that he wanted to put the moves on Cassie and he clarified that he was fully aware that Cassie was already involved with Diddy. He then explained that he spoke with Diddy before filming about what was and wasn’t appropriate for their on-screen romance.

“I felt like he might kick my a–. I was like, I don’t want to be walking down the wrong hallway. She (Cassie) called me and was like someone wants to talk to you, handed the phone to Puffy. He was like, I’m going to be more upset with you if the movie is whack and you don’t deliver than if you put your hand on her. He was like, go for it. I want this movie to be great. If you’re going to do it, it has to be great! So that’s what we did,” Terrence said.

Terrence then addressed the rumors that he and longtime friend Brandy were once more than just friends.

“We’ve been long time friends. We have an interesting relationship but nothing has ever happened. She did us a favor,” he said, hinting that there may have indeed been a spark between them.

Of course, Williams ended up asking Terrence if he’s dating anyone, right now. And although Terrence was hesitant about revealing too much about his love life, he did reveal that there is a special woman in his life.

“I do have love in my heart. I’m in a good place in my life, I have a very special person,” Terrence said.

Well, we’re glad that Terrence’s love life is flourishing and that he’s avoiding any messy dating scandals.


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