Have you considered dating your co-worker or boss?

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Have you considered dating your co-worker or boss, perhaps the pretty receptionist or the handsome executive vice president? There are more than a couple adages that caution against getting your honey where you make your money or dipping your pen in company ink, but yet we often insist on doing it anyway. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t, he or she might try to get you fired for leaving work early or canceling a meeting and the next thing you know, you are in a meeting with human Rresources.

However, because many people spend 8 to 10 hours a day at work, it makes it very easy to develop a romance on the job, but how you handle the situation makes all the difference (i.e., maturity). And, if your livelihood is important to you, please steer clear of this situation, as it can turn vicious (very quickly). With that being said, if you still want to test the waters, here are a few things to know:

Never Date Your Boss
It is never a good idea for several reasons. This decision can prevent any career advancement opportunities (since you are mixing business with pleasure) and your colleagues may treat you differently since they may feel that you are getting preferential treatment.

Your new mate decides to hire a new, pretty director or handsome business analyst and now you cannot focus at work because you are worried about their one-on-one meetings or the late hours that they are keeping. Do not allow jealousy to affect your work performance or your new relationship.

Everyone Doesn’t Need to Know
The fewer people at work that are aware of your relationship, the better. You do not want to be the subject of office gossip. So, be sure that you and your new mate have discussed your work game plan, which will prevent any awkward or embarrassing communication with your colleagues or boss.

Things may become awkward if your mate gets a promotion and becomes your boss. This will definitely change the dynamic of things and may send one of you off into the job market, searching for a new place of employment … and possibly, a new love interest.

You Get Bored
If you are seeing your mate five days a week in the office and on the weekends, you definitely run the risk of becoming bored with the relationship.

The Party’s Over
So, one of you has finally decided to call it quits. The office awkwardness between the two of you and your colleagues sets in. You are each trying to pretend that you don’t see each other, the tension will be obvious. Now, your co-workers are really gossiping and may even choose sides — bear in mind, that if your situation gets too bad and causes too much confusion on the job, you may run the risk of even getting fired.

So, the next time you notice a pretty or handsome someone on the job … please, look the other way. Furthermore, you should expand your dating circle outside your office building or run the risk of experiencing one or all of the situations above.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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