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Camille Cosby continues fight; women demand her lawyer be removed

Bill Cosby's Mugshot (Photo credit: Montgomery County Office of the District Attorney)
Bill Cosby’s mug shot (Photo credit: Montgomery County Office of the District Attorney)

Camille Cosby, the wife of embattled comedian Bill Cosby, is in the midst of depositions in Massachusetts for a defamation lawsuit lodged against her husband. For the past week she has faced a slew of embarrassing questions regarding Bill’s extramarital affairs and her knowledge of his actions. So far, she has been “ride or die” refusing to answer some questions by using the marital privilege laws of the state. The seven women are suing Bill Cosby because he called them liars in regard to their claims that they were sexually assaulted by the comedian years ago.

Now the plaintiffs in the case have filed a 208-page legal motion to remove Camille Cosby’s lawyer from the case for unethical behavior and failure to fill out required forms. The  motion was filed by plaintiffs’ attorney Joseph Cammarata and reads in part “Ms. Pressley has been engaged in the unauthorized practice of law on behalf of Camille Cosby in this action since December 18, 2015, whereas Ms. Pressley only requested leave of this Court to appear pro hac vice on behalf of Defendant.  Indeed, Ms. Pressley represented in an affidavit submitted to this Court that she would only represent defendant. Furthermore, Ms. Pressley never entered an appearance on behalf of Mrs. Cosby, nor did she otherwise take any steps to properly represent Mrs. Cosby in this action. Ms. Pressley thus has egregiously violated the rules of this Court and the laws of the state of Massachusetts.”

On the advice of her lawyer, Monique Pressley, Camille Cosby has refused to answer at least 98 questions posed to her during the deposition. She is now being asked to answer questions about her sex life with Bill Cosby and the murder of her son Ennis Cosby, which she has refused. Her legal team has requested that the deposition, which began in February, be terminated because of “A litany of improper and offensive questions.”

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