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Slim Thug torched for bashing Cassie, defending Cosby and Diddy (video)

The Houston-born rapper is ducking from the fierce backlash he incurred for his long rant against Cassie
Slim Thug
Slim Thug (Image source: Instagram - @slimthug)

Veteran rapper Slim Thug is getting flamed on social media for strongly suggesting that women like Cassie wait years to exact revenge on celebrities like Bill Cosby, Diddy and others, which he says is nothing more than a money play.

Slim was triggered by the federal civil lawsuit that singer Cassie filed against her former longtime boyfriend and boss, Diddy, last week which she eventually settled out of court for a reported $30 million.

“I don’t agree with coming back and getting Bill Cosby. Coming back and getting Puff. I don’t believe in that, man. When s— go down, speak on that s— right then. Or else it’s out of there. It should be null and void. You shouldn’t even have no type of nothing. You shouldn’t be able to do s—, unless you motherf—— let the people know what happened immediately. It should be a time limit on this s—,” he said in a rant before his two million Instagram followers.

Slim Thug charged that Cassie’s singular motivation for suing Diddy was not to speak out and become a voice for abused women but to collect a bag at Diddy’s expense.

“What happened was you get around them motherf—— stand up on love s—. That’s what happened. Let me tell you what always happens. You was f—— with a billionaire with all this bread all this time, and then you went and followed your heart to f— with a trainer. That motherf——- apartment got smaller than a b—-. That lifestyle fell off, now it’s struggle time. The love wearing out, and now you’re trying to come up with ways to figure out how to get paid.”

The 43-year-old rapper, whose real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas, said he is tired of women waiting years to drop a tell-all memoir about their boyfriends and husbands.

“‘Now, I’m healed and I can talk about [it]. I want to expose n—– in my book.’ You did that. You participated. You ain’t say rape or nothing. You did that, so stand on that, man. Quit trying to expose people for money. What the f—, nah? That apartment got small [with] you and that dude you left for love. You let your homegirls hype you up when you was f—— with him, and let them hype you up to tell you, ‘Girl, he treating you bad. He cheating on you. He messing with them girls. Don’t let him embarrass you like that.’”

After Thug got pummeled into oblivion for his perspective on Cassie and Cosby, he had to walk back his words and apologize for sharing his “personal opinion.”

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