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5 questions with Alicia Bowens of The Boss Network

Alicia Bowens
Photo credit: Twitter – @Alicia_Bowens

Known as a “corpora-preneur,” Alicia Bowens is a woman of many talents.

She is an IT professional by day, and a sought after speaker, author, coach, and radio host outside of her 9-to-5. The certified life coach is the founder of two businesses — BE IT LLC, an IT staffing and consulting company, and BE L.O.V.E. LLC ,  a company whose mission is to connect teen and single moms to resources, education and information through books, coaching and workshops.

A 2015 Crown Jewel Award recipient and 2016 BOSS Influencer, Bowens has been a frequent guest on a number of shows and programs as well as events where she speaks about career planning, entrepreneurship, vision boards, relationships, and her experiences of being a teenage mother.

Walk us through your journey to success. How did you get to this point?
This has definitely been a journey of perseverance, faith and determination. I had my first child when I was only 15, so immediately I encountered the naysayers. Fortunately for me, I had a very supportive family that believed in me, encouraged me, and helped me to continue my journey without interruption. Additionally, having the drive within myself to succeed also played a role in my success. Instead of giving up, I felt that success was a requirement for me now that I had a son. I was determined to live a life free of poverty where I would be able to provide for me and my child. Along the way, I realized that all of the information that I was privy to that helped me to succeed was not common knowledge. That’s what drove me to start sharing my experiences and what I learned along the way with other teen mothers. I want them to know all of the options available to them in order for them to succeed.

What do you do to stay on top of your game professionally?
I believe continuous growth and positive surroundings are critical to staying on top of your game. I surround myself with people who are making things happen! I’m competitive by nature, so when I see people succeed around me, it just drives me to do the same. I also invest in myself.  Even though I am a coach, even I have multiple coaches to help me improve in whatever areas I feel I need help in.

How do you balance your personal life with your career?
I think balance can mean something totally different depending on who you ask. For me, it’s knowing when to set boundaries. For example, when my youngest plays basketball, I know to not schedule anything around his practice or game times so that I can be there. You have to know what’s important to you and set your boundaries accordingly.

What advice would you give to a budding entrepreneur or career woman?
I would say don’t be afraid to get it wrong. As a new entrepreneur or career woman, you won’t have all of the answers, and if you wait until you do, it’s too late. Learn as you go, and if you fail along the way, learn from your mistakes, but keep moving forward!

What does being a BOSS mean to you?
To me, being a BOSS means leading the way, and paving the way for your successors. It means being the example of success, and showing others how to be a success in the process. BOSSES create legacies. BOSSES create other BOSSES!

For more informatio, please visit or follow her on Twitter at @Alicia_bowens

The BOSS Network is a community of career and entrepreneurial women who support each other through conversation, online and event-based networking. Their mission is to promote and encourage the small business spirit and professional development of women. For more information on The BOSS Network, please visit

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