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Russell Simmons knocks Donald Trump, again

Photo Credit: Russell Simmon's Instagram (@unclerush)

Photo Credit: Russell Simmon’s Instagram (@unclerush)

Donald Trump has had more than his fair share of celebrity critics, especially when it comes to Black celebs taking the Republican presidential hopeful to task for his racist and xenophobic comments. One Black celeb in particular, Russell Simmons, already spoke out against his former friend Trump last year and now he’s decided to blast Trump online yet again.

As previously reported, Simmons criticized Trump back in December with a scathing Instagram post about how he’d watched his former friend transform from someone who was kind and a positive influence to all people to someone who was racist and divisive. Simmons even went so far as to compare Trump to Hitler because of his Islamophobic stance.

“My friends, both Muslims and Jews, are saying there are so many comparisons between your rap and Hitler’s, and I cannot disagree with them, Donald. You can’t possibly want your kids or your wife Melania (all of whom I know and respect) to live with that. You are a born leader, who is set to possibly win the nomination of your party, but don’t compromise what I know is in your heart to do it. You are a generous, kind man who has built a career on negotiating deals where everybody wins. Now, you seem like a one-man wrecking ball willing to destroy our nation’s foundation of freedom,” Simmons wrote.

Although Simmons claimed at the time that he had faith that Trump wouldn’t make it all the way to the presidency, Trump is still in the presidential race with 739 delegates and has a solid chance of winning the Republican nomination.

Yesterday, Simmons decided to take the time to blast Trump, once again, with another scathing Instagram post, calling Trump “ugly” and criticizing America for letting Trump come so far in the presidential race.

Photo Credit: Russell Simmon's Instagram (@unclerush)

“D— Donald you have gotten older and UGLIER. Live and learn. the idea of politically correct for me as an artist never was appealing now I realize that if the politicians take that out the equation then women gays blacks Latinos Jews and Muslims are at risk People have fought to be treated with respect And spoken of with respect. The unspeakable becomes speakable the undoable becomes doable and AMERICA IS IN DEEP TROUBLE LETTING THIS HATE SPEECH GO UN CHECKED IN A SLIPPERY SLOPE,” Simmons wrote.

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  1. GregAbdul on March 24, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    Russell Simmons is an NOI supporter. The NOI is founded by child rapist Elijah Muhammad. You are playing a silly game of black double standards here. What? the white KKK is bad and the black KKK is good? Simmons needs to be a real man and stand up and speak out openly against black American Nazis. Black hate is good and white hate is bad? Please black people. Let’s be reasonable. Quit chasing after whites and trying to fix them while you refuse to fix yourself. Farrakhan is a cancer and a blight on the black community and no white person will take you as serious, when you talk that hypocritical “they do some good things, but you ain’t one” BS as you pivot to try to teach the white man about the evils of white racism…..and this particular NOI hypocrisy comes from a man with an Asian fetish.

  2. timmy cooley on May 16, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Russell Simmons is a weak dick black man Uncle Tom . He betray his own race just like the nigga he is trolling with some old white girl! Simmons need to be straight before he talk bout anybody else! You a joke you old broken down nigga!