Ashley Campbell creates convenient new hair care product, the CurlBand

The CurlBand creator, Ashley Campbell (Photo credit: Ashley Campbell)
The CurlBand creator, Ashley Campbell (Photo courtesy of Ashley Campbell)

Any woman who enjoys adding bouncy curls to her hair from time to time has likely had issues maintaining the style while avoiding heat damage, discomfort, or other inconveniences. Ashley Campbell understood that women want to achieve the perfect curl without these problems, so she created the CurlBand.

The CurlBand is a hair product covered in satin that can be applied to your mane without any heat. It’s comfortable to sleep in, and it’s so stylish that many women wear it while they’re on the go. The Curlband is definitely one of the most convenient and must-have hair care products of recent years.

We spoke with Campbell to get a better idea of what the CurlBand is all about and get familiar with the person behind the product.

What initially gave you the idea to create the CurlBand?

I had the desire to be an inventor of something since I was a teenager high school, so I was always creating or improving something. After becoming a wife and working mother of 4 girls, I always looked for easy and quick ways to do anything. I got frustrated with the time it took to curl my hair in the mornings and not being able to get a good night’s sleep because of the discomfort of hair rollers. I refused to be one of those women who sacrificed my looks due to lack of time, so I did what I always do — set my mind on fixing the problem. So I started searching all kinds of hair rolling techniques. My main goal was to have something comfortable and quick. I tried the headband curling method, but after having my hair get tangled and not having my curls form well, I figured I could just use the same technique and make some improvements. I sat at my sewing machine with supplies I found around the house, and a few prototypes later, the CurlBand was born.

What kind of materials are included in the product that make it work?

Hair can actually be curled with a lot of different things; I remember my mom using old, brown paper sacks to roll her hair. With that being said, there [aren’t] any “special” materials that make the CurlBand work, but the satin fabric helps keep the hair from [having] breakage and dryness, and the round foam helps create a defined curl.

Photo credit: Ashley Campbell
Photo credit: Ashley Campbell

On which hair textures/hair type is the product most effective?

The good thing about the CurlBand is that it is suitable for all textures and hair types. Because of the type of curls you can achieve with the CurlBand, it is most effective on shoulder-length to longer-length hair.

What kind of women, based on personality/lifestyle, is the CurlBand best suited for?

Women on the go will definitely see the benefits of using the CurlBand. It’s a time saver, and anything that helps save time is a winner.  Another benefit of the CurlBand is that it’s stylish; it doesn’t look like you’re curling your hair when you have it installed, so a woman can run errands, go to the gym, or be romantic with her mate, all the while curling her hair fashionably!

After removing the product from hair, approximately how long will the curls last?

Well, that depends. All hair holds curls differently depending on if your hair was pre-curled before installing the CurlBand, if you applied any type of hair product, etc. Typically, the CurlBand is used nightly, so the curls will definitely last all day, if not longer. A lot of users have the CurlBand to maintain their curls after leaving the salon, and when used nightly, they don’t have to apply any more heat to their hair until the next salon visit.

Photo credit: Ashley Campbell
Photo credit: Ashley Campbell

Where will the product be sold?

Currently, the product is sold online at We have a wholesale program with hair stylists, so a few salons carry them at their shops, and we’re looking to get them into stores soon.

What would you tell someone who is skeptical about the product to win them over?

It works! I originally created the CurlBand for my benefit; I used it a few months before my husband pushed me to take it to the market. So this is not a gimmick or scheme — just a new, innovative hair styling tool!  You can check out our social media pages and you will find tons of non-paid customer reviews explaining how easy, comfortable, and convenient the CurlBand is versus other heatless styling tools on the market. And if you’re still not willing to give it a try, then we all have that one friend that will try anything; pass the information on to them and wait for their feedback!

What are your future plans for the CurlBand? How do you plan to expand?

I want to continue adding different prints and patterns to the CurlBand line. Since a lot of users wear their CurlBands daily, they will have more options to choose from. My immediate goal is to bring more awareness to the CurlBand. Since it is a fairly new product, I need women to know it’s out there. I also have a few hair styling tools that I’m prototyping, so I’m excited to have them launch at a later date.

What is the best part about your line of work?

The best part of my work is being able to motivate others, especially my kids. Experience is the best teacher, and having my kids be able to see me take an idea and turn it into a business has inspired and motivated them to do bigger things. I tell my kids all the time that my goal is to set them up so they can be better than me.

Photo credit: Ashley Campbell
Photo credit: Ashley Campbell

What do you do to get “in the zone” of creating?

My mind is always going, whether it’s keeping up with what projects I have at work, keeping track of my husband’s schedule, making sure the kids are okay, or checking CurlBand orders. I also know it’s important to rest and have quiet time so that I can focus. I’ve seen God move many times in my life, and I know my help comes from him, so I make time to quietly seek him whether it’s in the car after I drop the kids off, the bathroom, or even locked in my bedroom closet. I tend to read or listen to sermons, and then I pray and listen. Right before I was given the idea for the CurlBand, the Holy Spirit told me to get off social media. When I did, I realized how much idle time I was wasting on social media. I then used that time to do research to jump-start my business.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to see their innovative idea materialize and be successful?

There are three things you need to be successful: energy, faith, and the right attitude. Those three things will make you so determined to be successful that failure won’t be an option. You will need the energy — physically and mentally — to push forward; the faith when everything seems wrong; and the right attitude to drive you to finish. You will have doubt, you will have fear, and you will have hard times, but remember that all those things are not greater than your determination. Overcome the fear and keep going. The next step is to read and research; the Internet has a lot of good information if you take the time to look.

What specific books or speakers helped you become better at your craft?

I get a lot of inspiration from watching other people succeed, because I know if it’s possible for them, then it’s possible for me. I admire Steve Harvey for the obvious reasons, and all the contestants on “Shark Tank.”  I love listening to T.D. Jakes and Jimmy Evans, and one of my favorite books is Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.

For more information on the CurlBand, visit Follow the CurlBand on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook @thecurlband.

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