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Music » Chris Brown reveals he considered suicide

Chris Brown reveals he considered suicide

Photo credit: @chrisbrownofficial via Instagram

Photo credit: @chrisbrownofficial via Instagram

Chris Brown and Rihanna once had a hot romance. The two were nearly inseparable and they were winning hearts with their romance and dominating the charts with their strings of hit songs. However, it all came crashing down in 2009 when Brown was arrested for beating Rihanna the night of the Grammy awards. From that night on their lives were completely changed and Brown went from being one of the most beloved pop stars in the world to being public enemy number one. Miraculously, Brown was able to save his failing career and has since made peace with Rihanna. But in a new documentary by the young star, Brown reveals that his fall from grace nearly led to him ending his own life.

Brown recently released a trailer for his upcoming documentary, Welcome to My Life, which will chronicle his rise to fame as a music star, and in the video clip, Brown opens up a bit about the domestic violence incident with Rihanna and claims that he felt horrible after he realized what he’d done to her.

“I felt like a f—— monster,” Brown said. His mother, Joyce, can be seen right afterwards explaining that “that was the worst day of my life and probably of his life. I felt like I was gonna lose my child.”

As fans know, Brown’s life and career spiraled out of control after the infamous beating and he ended up in numerous altercations and went to jail several times before going to rehab. And as the news clippings of his public drama flash beside him, Brown says on camera that he considered committing suicide because things had gotten so bad in his life.

“I was thinking about suicide and everything else,” he said, “I wasn’t sleep, I barely ate, I just was getting high.”

As we all know, though, Brown decided not to end it all and has continued to forge a successful career in the wake of his life-altering controversy.

However, his confession of suicidal thoughts comes at an interesting time considering that last month he blasted rising R&B singer Kehlani after she revealed that she had attempted suicide after she was accused of cheating on Brown’s friend, NBA star Kyrie Irving, with her ex-boyfriend, R&B singer Party Next Door.

“There is no attempting suicide. Stop flexing for the gram. Doing s– for sympathy so them comments under your pics don’t look so bad,” he tweeted.

Despite Brown’s harsh and unsympathetic words for Kehlani, it’s clear that he, like millions of people in the world, has experienced hardships in his life. Clearly, there’s a lot to learn about Brown from this documentary. But while we’re busy watching the film, we hope that he’s also learned how to show empathy to others who have experienced difficulties in life just like him.

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  1. DH on April 18, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    What we learn is he is a spoiled brat, who hits women and just does not care about who he uses and disposes of. He’s street trash. He can sang tho.