Mimi Faust’s partner having second thoughts

Photo Credit: Chris Gould's Instagram (@notsochristian_)
Photo Credit: Chris Gould’s Instagram (@notsochristian_)

Being on reality TV certainly seems like a bumpy rollercoaster ride, even for the most seasoned vets. And it certainly isn’t something that everybody is cut out for. And Mimi Faust’s partner, Chris Gould, seems to be finding that out the hard way because she recently opened up about her reality TV regrets.

As fans of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” know, Gould joined the cast of the show this season as the new love interest of veteran cast mate Faust. And although the season isn’t even midway over yet, it appears that Gould is fed up with “LHHA” and ready to be done with reality TV altogether because she recently posted a video on her Instagram page, sharing that she’s “tired” of reality TV.

“I can tell you this, though, I’m motherf—— tired. I’m motherf——. If you a real n—–, do not go on reality TV ever!” Gould warned her fans.

She then told her followers to explore other routes if they want to make their way into TV.

“Go on ‘Empire’ and s—. be great!” Gould said.

The “LHHA” newbie’s statements aren’t shocking considering that most reality TV newcomers are unprepared and startled at how their life changes once fans begin watching and criticizing their lives on TV. However, it’s a stark contrast from the enthusiasm that Gould showed just a few weeks ago when she spoke about why she joined the cast and opened up to the world about her relationship with Faust and her gender identity.

“They asked if I wanted to do the show and I was like, ‘Yeah and tell the whole world that’s my woman.’ That’s the gist of it. I was down for it because I don’t think anybody’s ever seen somebody like me on TV,” Gould said back in early March.

Well, considering that the show is only five episodes into its fifth season, Gould is going to have an agonizing next few months unless she has a change of heart about reality TV.

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