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Woman ‘scorned’ accuses married Brooklyn NYPD chief of being ‘greedy for a–‘

Tabatha Foster and Jeffrey Maddrey
Tabatha Foster claims she had a sexual relationship with Jeffrey Maddrey herself, and posted this picture on Facebook of them together with the caption: “I appreciate you allowing me to sit on your face. That’s all it’s good for.”

How do you like this lemonade? Take a gulp.

Tabatha Foster, 40, is accusing married New York Police Department‘s head of Brooklyn Borough Patrol, Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, 45, of being a philandering cheat who has a fetish for married, pregnant women.

A former employee and retired cop, Foster was Maddrey’s subordinate. She took to Facebook to air some dirty laundry. She wrote, “Somebody needs to stop chasing pregnant married girls around the department. What is wrong with this guy … Jeffrey loves pregnant girls.”

And wait for it …

“I appreciate you allowing me to sit on your face. That’s all it’s good for,” she added.

Tabatha Foster

Foster reportedly suffered a stroke in 2013. She recently retired from NYPD and pressed reset. She is pursuing a career in music.

A source who believes all Foster’s accusations are false tells New York Daily News, “All he ever did was try to be nice to her when she was down and out.” Reportedly, Maddrey, who worked with Foster in the 75th Precinct before her stroke, brought her sneakers in the hospital to help with her physical therapy.

A married father of three, he also gave presents to the divorced Foster’s three kids.

“When I was in the hospital. This fool had the audacity to come for A– while I had iv in my arm,” she wrote on Facebook. “He is so greedy for A–. I had to literally get out my hospital bed and go into bathroom to (give) this greedy a– man some a–.”

Here’s what may be the source of her ire: “Somebody got my ex-husband fired and f—– up my child support,” she wrote.

The source is reporting that Foster is the one who actually is stalking Maddrey. The source even offered up screenshots of text messages where Foster is allegedly “scheming” and even threatening to kill Maddrey. The person in the text message even warned that she was near Maddrey’s home because he was ignoring her calls.

“She became too clingy; she is just promoting lies to harass people,” the source said.

Foster’s claims are being investigated by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

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