Would Christina Milian ever give Lil Wayne another chance?

Photo Credit: Christina Milian's Instagram (@christinamilian)
Photo credit: Instagram – @christinamilian

Unless you were living under a rock, you remember seeing headlines and videos covering Christina Milian’s high-profile split from Lil Wayne last year. But even though the couple split under negative circumstances, Milian recently spoke about her feelings for Wayne and revealed that she might be open to giving him another chance, but only in her bedroom.

As previously reported, when she and Wayne first broke up last year, she claimed that it was their busy schedules that resulted in their split. However, she later revealed on her E! reality series, “Christina Milian Turned Up,” that she and Wayne split because she discovered that he was cheating on her.

Since then, the two have been able to remain friends, and according to media reports, Milian recently opened up about her former relationship with Wayne and what she feels she learned from the romance.

“I loved the s— outta Wayne. … I still love the time that I spent with him. … But yeah, I was like ‘Maybe I should have checked out his history’. I thought maybe it was different just because it felt different and we really were completely in it. He even — spoke to Dream like when we first started dating because he knows we have children and obviously the whole Nivea situation….I thought that, even that was like a manly thing that kinda made our relationship and our situation I felt a little different,” Milian said.

Milian maintains that what she and Wayne felt for each other was serious, but what wasn’t serious was his commitment to her alone.

“I do believe that it was real. … It just came to a point where I just needed the honesty, to understand what I was dealing with and I wasn’t getting that,” Milian said.

Although Milian says that she has no plans on getting back together with Wayne, she did, surprisingly, reveal that she’d be open to getting back in bed with him one day.

“I won’t count that out. You never know,” Milian said.

Well, something tells us that wouldn’t be such a great idea her fond feelings for him. But what do you think about Milian hooking up with Wayne again? Let us know in the comments.

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