Kevin McCall slams Chris Brown online

Photo Credit: Kevin McCall's Instagram (@kevinmccallofficial)
Photo Credit: Kevin McCall’s Instagram (@kevinmccallofficial)

Kevin McCall has been making headlines for weeks now with his numerous beefs with his ex-girlfriend, Eva Marcille, as well as both her cousin, Terrell Mullins, and Eva’s new boyfriend, Michael T. Sterling. But now McCall has a new target for his shade, as he recently began beefing again with his former friend Chris Brown.

As previously reported, Brown and McCall were once close friends and collaborators and Brown was trying to help McCall launch his solo singing career. However, McCall claimed that their friendship fell apart when Brown disagreed with him doing a KeKe Palmer video shoot and they ended up arguing over the phone, with McCall saying that Brown threatened to ruin his career.

Since then, the two have hurled jabs at each other online. And yesterday, McCall reignited their feud when he began making shady posts on Instagram, venting about still being contractually bound to Brown and wanting to be free of his nemesis.

“@chrisbrown why am I signed to u? Your a not cut from the same cloth as me that’s why you got jealous and tried to black ball me ESPECIALLY after my cousin Reonna called my cell phone in the studio way back and your thirsty crack pipe a– all in my phone and started TRIPPING OUT! and I guess you felt my spelling skills where that bad but yeah ever since then I knew u were the new Franky Linemen minus the perm but you went and did that too (why do birds sing so ghey?) They explained to me you got insecure and jealous of Dark skin n—– who will slap your a– in the face if u talk sh*t IN THEIR face and not on ig. I let u pass last time stop bringing up your Hommies link up and let do this paper work Hoe. Then we don’t have to go back and forth u like me or something? U want child support too punk?’ McCall wrote in a now-deleted post.

McCall also vented on Twitter and blasted Brown there, as well.

Kevin McCall - Chris Brown Twitter Shade 1

Kevin McCall - Chris Brown Twitter Shade 2

McCall then vented on Instagram again and claimed that his issue with Brown is about more than jusy money; it’s also about respect. He also blasted Brown over his 2009 attack on his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna:

“Dear Mr. I Wanna be: @chrisbrownofficial u dumb little boy this ain’t about money ? it’s a bout your Virginia pop locking a– thinking you gonna come over here and punk a real La n—- a real Compton watts Inglewood Gardena Carson and south central n—-…u think u get a pass for trying to bang on a n—- who don’t bang but literally has Cuzzns and relatives from everywhere lol you don’t know WHO the Fucc I know dummy I’m born here dumb ass. Now run a proper head up fade and stop making memes I’m omw to vegas I will post every location I Am at and I’ll text all your people who actually text me back when I try to talk some f—— sense into your rehabilitation center a–…punk! finish it h– lol it ain’t about money I have other deals dumb f— lol I actually made the music you tour to and that brought u back after you chose to use her face for punching bag practice (my baby mamas have no scars or Tmz hospital photos cuz it NEVER happened!!! Oh WOW big difference lol) #bydaway,” McCall wrote.

But the beef didn’t end there. Read what else McCall had to say about Brown, as well as Brown’s response, after the cut.

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