Blue Lives Matter law protects cops after 346 Blacks were killed by police

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards
Photo: via Louisiana State Government

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards recently signed one of the most ridiculous laws of 2016. Known as the “Blue Lives Matter” bill, the law allows prosecutors to increase penalties against individuals who target police officers and first responders because of their profession.

However, Edwards’ bill is severely flawed from a legal standpoint and is overtly inspired by race. The most glaring legal flaw is that there are already laws on the books in Louisiana which allow prosecutors to seek greater punishment for premeditated murder. As a result, the Blue Lives Matter bill is only a racist jab at the Black Lives Matter movement, which seeks to bring attention to police brutality.

Even if some are willing to believe that Edwards created the law with the purpose of being proactive in protecting law enforcement, the numbers would still prove him wrong.

When comparing police deaths to the number of Blacks who were killed by police, the numbers are severely lopsided.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 42 police offers were shot and killed in the line of duty in 2015. On the other hand, the number of Blacks who were killed by police last year is eye-catching.

According to statics from the FBI compiled by Mapping Police Violence, 346 Black people were killed by police in 2015. Furthermore, Blacks are three times more likely to be killed by police than Whites and 30 percent of the Black victims were unarmed.

Nearly 70 percent of the Blacks who were killed by police officers were later viewed as non-violent and were never a severe threat to the public or officers. Out of hundreds of cases where Blacks were killed, 97 percent of the officers involved were not convicted.

If Edwards, or any sensible lawmaker, actually took the time to investigate those appalling numbers, it would call for immediate action to protect citizens. Police brutality and the killing of unarmed Blacks remains a national crisis that should be addressed as such.

Terrorism is often viewed as an issue that should garner attention in order to keep Americans safe. But what should be the overall response when more people on American soil are killed by police than terrorists?

It’s important that the officers, who are funded by tax payers, protect and serve without being allowed to abuse and kill without repercussion.

Edwards should take a long look at the Blue Lives Matter law, because the police aren’t the ones who need protection.

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