Derrick D. James talks fatherhood and the importance of his role

Derrick D. James and his family - Photo courtesy of family
Derrick D. James and his family (Photo courtesy of the James family)

Describe why being a father is special.
Being a father is special to me because the gift of life itself is special. It’s a miracle. And, to be able to take part or play a role in that miraculous feet is a blessing and a gift from God! It’s a role that every male for whatever reason, doesn’t get to experience.

What is a father’s mission?
A father’s mission is to love, protect and provide for his children. The mission is not as simplistic as these three words but a more complex combination of them all.

What would you share with a new father about reading to his child?
When it comes to the importance of reading to his child, I would encourage a new father to first never stop reading himself. And I would tell him that reading to your child helps develop strong communication skills. Skills that are essential to be successful and survive in a digital world full of different types of communication. Verbal and digital.

How have you established trust with your children?
I’ve established trust with my child by always speaking the truth. I’ve always respected and listened to how they feel. I’ve kept it 100, like the young folks say, and have always trusted them unless given a reason not to.

How do you play a role in the education of your child?
I play a role in my child’s education by stressing education is not optional! I give them the freedom to express themselves so I can help them make educational decisions based [on] what’s best for them.

I explain to them [that] education is not just about school, it’s about developing their self-awareness and learning life lessons from their day-to-day experiences.

Describe one of the best moments that allowed you to push forward because of something your child did or said.
Not to sound corny or anything like that, but I’ve been motivated from the birth of my first child. It was at that point that all of the sacrifices my Father made for me became crystal clear. Because it was at that very moment that I was ready to do anything to make sure my son (and daughter) would have a great life.

What have you learned about yourself because of your children?
Because of my child I’ve learned that I’m blessed. I blessed to have a great family. My family has played a tremendous role in helping me raise my children. There are a number of things that I wouldn’t have been able to do for my children had it not been for the help of my family. It really does take a village and I’m blessed to have come from a great one. Shout-out to Chicago #EastSide #Ridegeland #StateToTheLake #WildWild #125th.

What is your best memory of your father?
The best memory I have of my father was his hard work and dedication to his family. Especially his kids. He worked for 35+ years providing for me and my siblings.The first thing anybody would say when they met us was, “He is so proud of y’all … and he talks about y’all all the time …”

Finish the sentences:

Being a father is … priceless and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

When I hug my child I feel … like I have purpose.

I teach my child … to love yourself first and never compromise who you are for anything or anybody.

When I see my child my … cipher is complete!

Fathers should … live up to their God-given purpose.

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