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Colorado inmate claims to be Prince’s son: DNA results are in

Photo credit: Facebook - carlin.q.williams

Photo credit: Facebook – carlin.q.williams

Carlin Q. Williams, 39, filed legal documents last month claiming his mom met Prince in the lobby of the Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri back in July 1976. Carlin’s mom, Marsha Henson, said in an affidavit she drank wine, checked into a room, and had unprotected sex with the singer. She stated that she didn’t have sex with anyone six weeks before and didn’t have sex with anyone during her entire pregnancy.

Williams, currently in federal prison for gun possession, ordered testing of Prince’s DNA samples against his own to unlock the mystery.

“I’m that baby’s pappy.” – not Prince.

DNA analysis reportedly showed there’s a 0.0% chance he’s Prince’s son, so Williams will not inherit the singer’s estate, which could be worth up to $300 million.

“I don’t believe that. I think they’re positive,” Henson said before referring additional questions to their attorney.

Prince died at 57 in late April without a will. He had no surviving children, but several people other than Williams have also filed paperwork claiming the singer was, or at least could have been, their father.

Minnesota state law dictates that Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, as well as several half-siblings and a possible niece and grandniece, would inherit shares of his fortune if a will does not turn up.

“There is really nothing to say,” said President Nelson, Tyka Nelson’s son. “There isn’t much to say because it was never a thing.”

The judge overseeing the estate case, Carver County Judge Kevin Eide, has not set a deadline for filing paternity and kinship claims. According to docs, there is a sample of Prince’s blood being held at the Medical Examiner’s office for testing, just in case.

Eide authorized Bremer Trust, special administrator of his estate, to order DNA testing of the late singer’s blood. Bremer is apparently prepared for more alleged family members to come out of the woodwork to get a slice of Prince’s fortune.


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