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Erykah Badu opens up about Kendrick Lamar dating rumors

Photo Credit: Erykah Badu's Instagram (@erykahbadu)

Photo Credit: Instagram – @erykahbadu

Erykah Badu has long been considered one of the most alluring and sought after women in hip-hop, having already romanced and inspired the likes of hip-hop heavyweights such as Common, Andre 3000 and Jay Electronica. So it came as no surprise that when hip-hop giant Kendrick Lamar first hit superstardom years ago, he and Badu were romantically linked in the press. Now, Badu is finally opening up about the rumors and setting the record straight on what really went down with Kendrick.

As fans will remember, the rumors were first sparked when Kendrick and Badu hit the stage together at the 2013 BET Awards when Badu sang alongside the rapper for a jazzy and soulful rendition of his hit song “B—-, Don’t Kill My Vibe.” The powerhouse performance ended with Badu and Kendrick holding hands as they walked to the back of the stage and sat down together as the curtains closed.

Many hip-hop fans believed the hand-holding was the sign of an impending romance and although nothing else seemed to come of the performance, many still wondered what went on behind the scenes between the two superstars. Well, Badu finally had an answer yesterday when she began tweeting about the rumors and denying a romance with Kendrick.

“Kendrick aint called me since y’all made up some s— about us being in the trailer makin out so he missed his award,” Badu wrote.

When an unconvinced fan asked Badu, “what really happened,” Badu responded with “Sound check, performance , photo opps, ghost. He was super shy.”

Some fans still weren’t convinced that romance didn’t exist and one fan in particular tweeted to the singer, “Lies… why do Kendrick say ‘come and Erykah Badu me, well let’s make a movie’ on No more parties in LA. y’all f—ed.”

However, Badu cleverly responded with, “Let me educate u real fast lil mama. It’s not always betwixxx the thighs .. Sometimes it’s between the ears.”

Well, there you have it, folks. There was no secret romance between Badu and Kendrick.


  1. LA on July 5, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    I likelike her response.. That was cute!

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  2. cupcake333 on July 5, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    why did she even mess wit explaining? fans are nosy obcessive , ignorante i would never want that classificaltion if you are on social media that much you need help even celebrities like tyrese who sat up on face book spewing black woman bashing hate got shut down by fanatics who got rootless and he almost ruin his career . obcessive celebrities are lonelier then fans living in their seclusiion because scared they could be robbed or killed kim k could never come out without security ,they went famous and now regret it…due to security measures …
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