8-year-old Jahkil Jackson starts a company to help the homeless

Jah Mission

Photo Credit: Na-Tae’ Thompson

Rolling out interviewed 8-year-old entrepreneur Jahkil Jackson, who helps the homeless in a unique way. His company, the Homeless Project, gives blessing bags to the homeless.

Who is Jahkil Jackson?

I am 8 years old. I work with the Homeless Project, tap dance with Mad Rhythms, break dance with Stick N’ Move, used to play piano and play basketball. I am the youth ambassador for the Heartland Alliance.

What is the Homeless Project?

We make blessing bags to give to the homeless and donate them to shelters.

How did you get started with that project?

Auntie took me with her to feed the homeless. We were outside downtown under the viaducts. I was sad when I [saw] them living with rats and they usually don’t have other stuff that other people have to get through the day.

What’s in the blessing bags?

Toothbrushes, wipes, tissue, razors, socks, towels and soap.

How often do you distribute the bags?

Once a month.

How do you get money to create the bags?

We have shirts that we give out and people pay us. We sell shirts and get donations. They pay us to go to the grocery store to get stuff for the bags.

Do you have your own business?

Yes, it is a nonprofit for the Homeless Project.

How many people help or work for you?

Three to five people help make the blessing bags, so far my friends and cousins help.

When did this project start?

In February.

How many bags have you given out already?


What is your ultimate target goal?

My goal is 1,000 and then get another 1,000 to keep it going.

Where can people go to support your initiatives?


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