Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama, lied about graduating from college

Melania Trump
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Like her husband Donald, Melania Trump proved that she just isn’t qualified for the position. The potential first lady of the United States made headlines after she blatantly ripped Michelle Obama’s speech from the 2008 DNC. It was a horrendous and lazy job by the speechwriter who copied two paragraphs of Obama’s speech nearly word for word.

Trump’s campaign wanted the nation to believe its own lie by claiming that Melania didn’t steal Obama’s speech. However, social media and political journalists ridiculed and poked fun at Melania for her obvious theft. In a zany beginning to the Republic National Convention, it stood out as the main event of the Republicans’ political circus.

But as the spotlight continues to shine on Melania, more issues with her character have become evident. Along with being a plagiarizer, Melania has also lied about her past achievement. In Melania’s biography that was presented at the Republican National Convention, it claimed that she obtained a degree in design and architecture from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

But according to HuffPost, Melania’s biographers revealed that she never graduated from college. In fact, she is a college dropout. Journalists Bojan Pozar and Igor Omerza shared that Melania enrolled in the University of Ljubljana during her freshman year of college, but she never graduated. She failed two exams and was barely making it in school. She eventually dropped out of school and pursued a career in modeling. Some of her photos were nude images and what some would consider pornographic.

Melania’s plagiarism and lies reflect the sad reality of Donald Trump and his entire campaign. Trump has repeatedly lied, he doesn’t do research to cite facts, he alienates groups with racist rhetoric, and his answers to complex issues are childish and often uninformed.

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