Muhammad Ali called more racist than Donald Trump by bigot Piers Morgan

Muhammad Ali
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The worst kind of racist is the person who doesn’t recognize their own racism. This happens to be the case with pseudo-journalist Piers Morgan. Morgan found a new way to troll social media with a ridiculous tweet that was disrespectful and lacked validity.

One day after it was announced that the legendary Muhammad Ali passed at the age of 74, Morgan twitted, “Muhammad Ali said far more inflammatory/racist things about white people than Donald Trump ever has about Muslims.” He followed the tweet with the hashtag “fact.”

It was a nonsensical tweet that proved, again, that Morgan is a merely an attention seeker who will eschew facts to create controversy.

When looking at the facts, Morgan’s argument is baseless. Ali was raised in a time when Blacks were discriminated against from a legal standpoint. This means that the American government allowed segregated schools, White only restaurants and hotels, and the treatment of Blacks as second class citizens to exist. Furthermore, it was an era where Blacks were terrorized by organizations such as the KKK and other racist individuals simply because of the color of their skin.

Ali’s controversial examinations of race in the 1960s was only a repercussion of the hatred that Blacks endured while on America soil. It was never an attempt to demean a particular group, but he revealed how the actions, or lack of action, by Whites helped to perpetuate Black suffering.

On the other hand, Donald Trump’s racism comes from a place of privilege and hatred. Trump only views the world through a myopic lens and disregards every person who is not like him— rich, White, and male.

Trump has purposefully said disparaging remarks about Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and women. He seeks to disenfranchise and insult people who are different from him by creating a belligerent “us-against-them” way of thinking.

But the sad part is that Morgan knows this. He understands that Trump’s racist ideas comes from a place of hatred and Ali’s speeches on race were from a place of truth.

However, Morgan’s own bigotry would not allow him to speak reality at a time when the world was mourning a great man. The fact the he would put Trump in the same sentence as Ali proves how much Morgan is out of touch and soured by his own racist views.

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