OG Maco remains positive after losing right eye following car accident

Photo: via OG Maco’s Instagram

Rapper OG Maco  was involved in a car wreck where he nearly lost his life. The Atlanta-based rapper, who released the 2014 hit, “U Guessed It,” suffered severe injuries following the car accident in late July.

OG Maco took to Twitter to share details on his injuries which included, multiple skull fractures, broken orbital, cracked vertebrae and heart palpations. The rapper also revealed that he lost his right eye during the car accident. “Y’all b—–ds had all these jokes like I really didn’t lose an eye real quick. I don’t mind. For now, my eye is gone,” OG Maco tweeted. He continued by tweeting, “For now my eye is gone. Tonight I might get it back with surgery. Just remember we are HUMAN before and after you kick us while we down … To see a world where the do-ers and dreamers are ridiculed more than losers and conformity is worse than missing an eye.”

OG Maco appeared to have a positive outlook following the accident by tweeting, “I feel ALIVE.” He also maintained a sense of humor during the ordeal.  “On the bright side, my plastic surgeon says I can’t get any uglier so fixing my face should be easy,” he tweeted.

OG Maco took the hip-hop and rock nation by storm with the release of his 2014 hit, “U Guessed It.” The song, which was partially inspired by heavy-metal, peaked at No. 21 on the Hot Rap Songs Billboard charts and featured a remix with 2 Chainz.

OG Maco continued his buzz with the mixtapes OG Maco and Live Life 2. He was looking to release his debut album, Children of Rage, in the fall of 2016.

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