Simone Manuel disrespected by racist news headline after Olympic victory

simone swim
Photo: via @MercuryNews Twitter

Simone Manuel deserves to be honored for becoming the first Black American woman to win an individual swimming event at the Olympics. However, one newspaper decided to tarnish her historical moment by failing to mention her name and only focusing on her race. Moments after Manuel made history, the San Jose Mercury News published her story with the headline, “Olympics: Michael Phelps shares historic night with African-American.”

It’s unaccetpable for an editor at a major publication to allow such a headline to be published. The headline reveals how the editors at newsooms across the nation are majority white and often lack the ability to appropriately confront issues of race.

The disgusting headline was immediately blasted by those on social media.

The Mercury News later deleted the headline from social media and apologized for the racist statement. However, the apology could not reverse the damage done by the offensive statement.

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