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Black Intellectuals » Shaquille Brewster is the multitalented journalist every news outlet loves

Shaquille Brewster is the multitalented journalist every news outlet loves

Shaquille Brewster Photo by Lucy Polly

Name: Shaquille Brewster
Position: Producer
Assignment: NBC News
Education: Howard University

For the previous year, Shaquille Brewster has been a campaign embed for NBC News serving as a digital journalist and producer while covering the presidential candidates. Brewster shoots political events, provides live transmission, posts on social media, produces segments, writes articles for digital platforms under deadline, and appears on air.

“I was drawn to journalism by my love of politics and my desire to help people understand it. For me, journalism was a way to add context to the political debate and discourse, with the hope that through understanding, more people would participate in the process. Over time, my interest in journalism expanded beyond my love for politics, to a love for storytelling,” he said.

The Path

Prior to becoming a producer, Brewster was a Tim Russert Fellow at NBC News. Brewster graduated with a 4.0 from Howard University only two years ago; however, he’d already been an associate producer in Hearst Television’s Washington Bureau, the executive producer for student-run WHUT Spotlight Network, and completed coveted internships at MSNBC, the Associated Press and News 12 in Connecticut.

“Working for ‘free’ is very common for journalism students, where many internships are unpaid. However, the experiences that you can get from those unpaid — and sometimes unofficial – internships can be invaluable. They help you get your foot in the door and make you a stronger candidate for the paid positions,” he said.

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