Lance Gross and Sean Garrett talk about balancing life with a toddler

Sean Garrett and Lance Gross - Photo credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media
Sean Garrett and Lance Gross – Photo credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media

NAACP Image Award winning actor Lance Gross and Grammy winner Sean Garrett have a couple of things in common. Besides both being winners at their craft, they are public figures who have careers requiring travel, resulting in pending time away from their family. They are also both living celebrity lifestyles while raising toddlers. We were able to catch up with them both recently to find out how they balance it all.

Sean Garrett admits, “Being successful in this industry is tough at times on your home life because we have to sacrifice so much to be great, stay at the top of your game and I mean I don’t live a normal lifestyle. It’s a constant give and take situation, giving of yourself and your time, and the worst part is being away from my sons. This is the life I asked for, so I’m not complaining; however, what’s key is prioritizing when you are at home and blocking out that time to spend with your children.”

Photo Credit :@SeanGarrettthepen IG
Photo Credit :@SeanGarrettthepen IG

Notice the above recent instagram post where Sean Garrett  let everyone know it was time for him and his little Cruz to spend some time together. Simply Garrett expressed how raising his son is priority. One of the reasons he credits working so hard.  Also another recent social media post we know Garrett express his love for his new baby boy. Social media can sometimes be a curse as we know it applying to what’s going on in our lives. However, at times social media can make us feel closer to these iconic figures showing us a more vulnerable side of them than we would normally be exposed to.

Photo Credit @Lancegross IG
Photo Credit @Lancegross IG

Lance Gross, a first time father, says, “I am definitely in love and this little girl; she’s got me wrapped around her finger. This has been an eye opening experience, having a daughter, and she’s the reason I’ve made so many changes and adjustments in my life to make fatherhood a priority. Sacrificing certainly comes into play and yes there are times when my wife gets jealous because my little girl has all my attention when I’m spending time with her. I wouldn’t trade fatherhood for anything in the world. It’s just been an awesome experience.”

Photo Credit @Lancegross IG page
Photo Credit @Lancegross IG page

“The two women in my life, my wife and daughter mean the world to me,” exclaims Gross with the biggest smile ever on his face. Check out some of the Instagram posts of these two celebrity dads making time to raise their babies and putting family first.

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