St. Louis cop charged with murder of Black suspect accused of planting gun

St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley (Photo Credit: St. Louis Police)
St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley (Photo Credit: St. Louis Police)

A major news outlet in St. Louis has revealed new information regarding a police shooting of a Black suspect in 2011. Anthony Lamar Smith, 24, was shot dead by St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley after a high speed chase. The incident started when Smith was observed allegedly engaged in an illegal drug transaction. During the attempt to apprehend Smith, the suspect’s car bumped into the police vehicle before speeding off.

As Stockley is chasing Smith through the streets, he is heard stating by police dashdashcamcam audio, “I’m going to kill this mother f****r.” Smith’s car later crashes and Stockley approaches the driver’s side and fires five rounds into Smith, fatally injuring the suspect. Stockley claimed he saw Smith with a gun earlier during the drug deal and felt he was reaching for the weapon when the car crashed and he shot the suspect. During the initial investigation, Stockley claimed he recovered a loaded silver handgun in the vehicle between the center console and passenger’s seat.

However, newly released video now paints a different story of the final moments and aftermath of the police shooting. Stockley is seen going back to his police vehicle and placing his AK-47-style pistol into a duffel bag, a weapon which the officer was not authorized to carry. He is then seen going back to Smith’s car and entering the vehicle twice for several moments. Smith’s family state that Stockley planted the handgun that was found at the scene. Tests on the gun show that Stockely’s DNA was the only evidence present on the weapon, drawing doubt that Smith handled the weapon.

Stockley was charged with murder earlier this year after prosecutors said that new evidence had emerged. The possibility that Stockley planted a weapon was not discussed by the prosecutor’s office.

Stockley has been free on  $1M bail since he was charged with murder and a hearing for his case is set for October 3. Smith’s daughter reached a $900K settlement with the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners in 2013.

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