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Skinphorea ‘facial bar’ brings euphoric happy hour to Detroit

   Courtesy: GURU PR/Skinphorea

Courtesy: GURU PR/Skinphorea

The day spa experience has been elevated with the opening of Skinphorea facial and skin bar in Royal Oak, Michigan. Specializing in all-natural 30-minute express facials with customized skin cocktails, Skinphorea is metro Detroit’s first and only high-concept facial bar. Customers indulge in facials that have a happy hour feel, along with add-on services called $10 shots. Guests are treated to a complimentary mimosa or smoothie of all-natural ingredients while they’re serviced. In addition to euphoric facials, Skinphorea offers body-waxing services from licensed, certified experts.

Skinphorea’s express facial options include chemical peels, enzyme peels, LED light therapy, microdermabrasion and oxygen facials. Co-owners Jessica Hayes-Stallings and Shareese Shorter have merged their visions to fulfill the skin care needs of women who desire practical pampering. Rolling out caught a quick interview with the lifelong friends and business partners at Skinphorea’s ribbon cutting and grand opening festivities.

Tell us how Skinphorea came about.

Hayes-Stallings: I always knew that I wanted to open a spa … I took that leap and went to beauty school; started managing one of the casino spas. I wanted to work for other people, make my mistakes there.  And so Shareese and [I] got together and said, “What can be different? There’s a spa on every corner.” We traveled to different spas, to see what was missing. Facials feel good, but they’re expensive and you can’t go get them as much.

We wanted them [to be] inexpensive; it’s on-the-go so if you’re [on] your lunch break, you can go get a chemical peel. We want to make sure we keep it low so you can come more often and actually see a difference in your skin. Education was [also] missing. We want to make sure that everyone who sits in our chairs is educated. We teach about the ingredients and you tell us what it is that you want to work on.

How many people do you have on staff?

Hayes-Stallings: We have five licensed estheticians/mixologists; everyone has an average of 10 years experience. We have the best of the best.

You mentioned earlier that you wanted to make mistakes while working for someone else. What have lessons have you learned?

Hayes-Stallings: Customer service is first and foremost. You can have the best products, but you must treat your clients like VIPs. If you have the best customer service, people will come back to you.

What makes Skinphorea different?

Shorter: Even though you can get a facial at any major spa or salon, coming here, you’re going to see results and someone that’s going to care for your skin.

Where do you see Skinphorea in five years? Will there be franchises?

Hayes-Stallings: We’re definitely hoping for one or two more locations here in Michigan and then out of state.

To book your customized happy hour facial during your next visit to Detroit, visit

Photo gallery credit: GURU PR/Skinphorea/Lauren Mixon for Steed Media