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Lil Wayne exemplifies the dangers of ‘Lean’ to your health

Lil Wayne (Photo Credit: Randy Miramontez /

Lil Wayne (Photo credit: Randy Miramontez /

The recent interview with Lil Wayne where he made culturally ignorant statements may show the dangers of consuming Lean, aka Purple Drank. His rambling interview in which he denigrates the Black Lives Matter movement and shows a lack of consciousness caused widespread criticism. Some say that he appeared high during the interview. Many others ask if his behavior is the result of Lean use by the superstar rapper.

In the hip-hop community, the drink is very popular and very deadly. There have been confirmed deaths that include DJ Screw and musician Big Hawk as well as arrests of athletes and other rappers. Lil Wayne is infamous for his lyrics on the subject. It is made by combining prescription cold medication containing codeine and promethazine, then mixing it with soda and adding candy for flavor. The effects of the drug cause what is called a “swooning euphoria.” The high can last for several hours and users often appear listless. These effects can include:

-Constricted pupils that do not respond well to light.
-Rough, raspy voice.
-Slow, slurred speech.
-Uncontrolled eye movement.
-Droopy eyes.
-Slowed heart rate.
-Loss of balance.
-Loss of coordination.
-Urinary tract infection.
-Dental problems.

Continued use of the drugs can cause can overdose and death, especially when combined with alcohol. The drug is addictive and users are often treated for opiate addiction.

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