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Reginald Corbitt is fighting cyber bullying

Reginald Corbitt

Photo credit: Reginald Corbitt

Reginald Corbitt  is a native of Huntsville, AL.  He is committed to helping get out kids nationwide to fight cyberbullying.  The numbers are high for those who are impacted by this behavior. Corbitt teaches and equips both the teens and parents to get through this nightmare.

How can someone find you should they need your services?

Reginald S. Corbitt
SafeCyber Founder

How do you like your name printed?

Reginald S. Corbitt

What is your title and job description/mission of your company?

Founder. Our mission is to educate communities and help create a culture of safe connectivity by teaching about topics such as cyberbullying, social media etiquette, digital footprint and reputation, and basic cyber security practices.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

First and foremost my children. Desiring to provide for them with the spiritually, emotional and physically was my inspiration. How can I provide for them emotional if I’m not emotionally sound and stable myself because I’m so stress out behind a job that I hate getting up and going to everyday? I wanted to be able to provide for them emotionally as a father who will be there for them at every sports event or school function. I also want to be there to help them with homework, drop them off and pick them up from school and put them to bed. Owning my own business gives me the opportunity to support them when they need to be supported and to be present. Providing for them spiritually by teaching and demonstrating the spiritual principles that are the foundation of family life. Secondly knowing my purpose. Once I found out what my purpose in life was I knew that I was not meant to just work a job because what I was created to do could not be done behind a desk or while working for someone else. It was a means to an end but not the ultimate goal.

What has been the most difficult challenge you have had thus far in fulfilling your mission?

Convincing people that as long as you are connected to the Internet they play a role in helping to keep it safe and secure for all. A lot of people think that’s the job of the government but it isn’t. A lot of the crimes committed online like identity theft, theft of bank information or hacking of a computer was because the user did not have the knowledge that password admin that came with their device needed to be changed. Or that they needed to ensure the free Wi-Fi they used at the café’ was not one created by a Hacker. Or that they paid attention to what type of access was being asked when they downloaded an app on their phone. Knowledge really is power when it comes to being online.

What has been the most rewarding component of your business?

Recieving feedback from people who attended my presentations or workshops who say that I provided them with relevant information that they can apply and use at home to help bring families closer and to help keep them safe online.

How can someone find you should they need your services?

I can be found at personal site, or at

What does an ideal client look like?

My ideal client would be any business or youth organizations that focus on teaching life application, college preparedness and youth safety. Parenting organizations as well since we offer a Digital Parenting presentation/workshop.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

I see our SafeCyber Digital Literacy Program, which covers cyberbullying, social media etiquette, digital footprint and reputation and more, in schools, colleges and businesses as a pre-requisite or orientation. We also plan to educate those incarcerated so that they are not left behind and so they know how to appropriately use social media after being released.

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