Usher’s New Look Foundation celebrating 22 years of giving on June 17

June 17 is Usher’s New Look (UNL) Foundation’s Giving Day, and they’re celebrating 22 years of transforming the lives of under-resourced youth and supporting their development as they grow into passion-driven, global leaders. To learn more about the organization and how you can support the foundation’s Giving Day, join the movement by following them on social media at […]

Wayne Brady goes off after finding men sending DMs to his underage daughter (video)

Wayne Brady believes that social media apps should do more to protect minors. Brady shared his views on social media during an interview with “The Talk.” Brady spoke about a personal matter that affected his family when he discovered that men were sending direct messages to his underage daughter on social media. He first realized […]

Cop charged for using pepper spray on Black teens sitting on a porch

Another incident of police using excessive force has gone viral. On Sunday, June 14, 2020, the Woodlynne Police Department released bodycam footage of cops harassing a group of Black teens. The incident occurred on Saturday, June 13, in Woodlynne, New Jersey after cops were called following claims that teens were trespassing at a property. When […]

Black teens choked and handcuffed by police for jaywalking (video)

Another incident of police brutality has gone viral. On June 9, Tulsa Police Department released bodycam video of two Black teens being harassed by authorities for jaywalking on a residential street without car traffic. In the video, two White police officers, who have yet to be identified, followed two Black teens as they walked through […]

Mother jailed after helping her daughter fight a group of teenage girls

A mother’s decision to protect her daughter landed her in jail. The incident occurred in Newport News, Virginia on May 21. According to Pix11, Keisha Rankins, 34, was outside with her teenage daughter when the girl was confronted by another teen and her mother. Rankins and the other girl’s mother began talking. Soon after, the […]

Florida man draws gun on teens, shoots to enforce community pool rules

A Florida man was arrested after he attempted to enforce pool rules and usage at a subdivision. Richard Marcelle, 66, is a member of the HOA at a Volusia County subdivision called The Village in Ormond Beach, Florida. Among the amenities offered to residents is the use of a community pool. According to Daytona news […]

High school student allegedly decapitated classmate over sexual dispute

A high school sex triangle allegedly led to death and decapitation. Mathew Borges, 17, is currently on trial for first-degree murder in Lawrence, Massachusetts, according to the Boston Globe. In 2016, Borges was dating a young woman while the two were attending Lawrence High School. At some point, Borges accused his girlfriend of having sex with Lee […]

Family says teen was lured to her death by boys she thought were friends

By all accounts, Sylvia McGhee, 14, was a bright and outgoing middle school student who had a full life ahead of her. Now her family is grieving and wondering why Sylvia snuck out of the house in the early morning hours of March 30, 2019, only to be found dead a short distance away from […]

5 kids face life in prison after allegedly killing a country singer

Five kids in Nashville, Tennessee, reportedly will be charged as adults for allegedly killing a country singer. Roniyah McKnight, 14, Diamond Lewis, 15, and Decorrius Wright, 16, are charged in the murder of 24-year-old country artist Kyle Yorlets. The other two suspected killers, who are 12 and 13 years old, were not identified by authorities […]

Update: Racist who pointed gun at Black kids arrested

There is an update on the story of the group of Black teens who had a gun pulled on them by a racist man at McDonald’s. Last week, rolling out reported on the case of the teens who were trying to pay for their food at a McDonald’s franchise located near Minneapolis. An unidentified White […]

Racist pulls gun on Black teens for taking too long at McDonald’s (video)

A trip to McDonald’s for a group of Black teens almost resulted in a shooting by a White man spewing racist insults. It all happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when the group of teens were trying to pay for their food using the phone app Applepay. An unidentified White male became frustrated by the group for […]

Troubling photo shows problem with race and teens in Alabama

A picture was circulated on the phone app Snapchat that shows a group of White teens in cowboy hats posed with a foot on the body of a Black teen. The caption along with the photo reads “We Got Us One.” According to reports, the teens are all students at Moody High School students near Birmingham, […]

Georgia teens arrested in high school terror plot

Police in Cherokee County, Georgia have announced the arrests of two students who were planning a deadly attack at their high school. According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Alfred Dupree and Victoria McCurley, both 17, are being charged as adults on three counts of criminal attempt to commit murder, and four counts of terroristic threats […]

Off-duty cop opens fire on teens for stepping on lawn

An off-duty cop went too far over his lawn in Los Angles and has now sparked protests. Video has emerged of a group of teens in a confrontation with a man who was angry that they were stepping on his grass. Harsh words were exchanged between the man and the teens, and then he suddenly […]

Teen charged with raping man at knifepoint, now faces life in prison

A man in Saginaw, Michigan, found himself in a life-threatening situation when a Black female teen pulled a knife on him. The purpose wasn’t robbery, instead, the girl is being accused of a violent sexual assault. Police say that Lestina Marie Smith, age 17, pulled the knife and forced a 19-year-old victim to engage in […]

Reginald Corbitt is fighting cyber bullying

Reginald Corbitt  is a native of Huntsville, AL.  He is committed to helping get out kids nationwide to fight cyberbullying.  The numbers are high for those who are impacted by this behavior. Corbitt teaches and equips both the teens and parents to get through this nightmare. How can someone find you should they need your […]

‘Bring It’ star John Conner jailed for raping and exposing teenage boy to HIV

John Conner III was known as a top dance coach in Memphis, Tennessee. Conner appeared on the Lifetime reality TV show “Bring It” which takes an inside look at the youth dance scene in Memphis. However, Conner, 26, allegedly sexually abused a student who was under his supervision. According to Fox 13 in Memphis, Conner […]

Another mass shooting at a club in Florida

The summer is growing hot and deadly as another mass shooting has been reported at a Florida nightclub. Police in Fort Meyers, Florida are still processing the crime scene of a Sunday night rampage at Club Blu nightclub that left 17 injured and 2 people dead. Tragically, the victims of the shootings ranged from the […]

How a fight over a Playstation led to 40 years in jail for a teenage girl

Kayla Dixon, 18, and her boyfriend Nathaniel Vivien presented themselves as a couple who were looking to purchase a PlayStation 4. In the fall of 2014, the young couple responded to a Craigslist ad posted by Danny Zeitz. According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, Zeitz was looking to sell his Playstation 4 to make extra money. […]