Cop charged for using pepper spray on Black teens sitting on a porch

Cop charged for using pepper spray on Black teens sitting on a porch
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Another incident of police using excessive force has gone viral.

On Sunday, June 14, 2020, the Woodlynne Police Department released bodycam footage of cops harassing a group of Black teens.

The incident occurred on Saturday, June 13, in Woodlynne, New Jersey after cops were called following claims that teens were trespassing at a property. When officers arrived, they began questioning three young Black men who were sitting on a porch at the property in question.

The cops asked if the teens were smoking weed, and they all denied having any drugs. The officers then asked the teens their names, and they refused to comply while asking if they were under arrest.

One teen told the cops that he was going to text his older brother, who he claimed was his guardian, but Officer Ryan Dubiel had an issue with the teen holding his cellphone and sprayed the teens in their faces.

After several teens ran, Dubiel caught one and forced him to the ground. As Dubiel placed the teen in handcuffs, the teen screamed in agony because of the pepper spray that was used.

After the incident, prosecutors said the use of force exhibited by Dubiel was not justified and announced two counts of simple assault against the officer.

In a statement, Woodlynne Mayor Joseph Chukwueke blasted Dubiel for his actions.

“The conduct is incredibly troubling and of significant concern to us — all the council members, myself and the residents of Woodlynne,” Chukwueke said.

View video footage after the jump (NSFW).

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