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Van Jones delivers a passionate speech on CNN: “This was a whitelash, a whitelash against a changing country. A whitelash against a black President. That’s the part where the pain comes,” he said.

Van Jones gets emotional about what Trump’s presidency means for minorities

Yvette Caslin

Yvette Caslin

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  1. sugarntasty on November 9, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    Van have you advance your personnel efforts, once under President Obama. Whom didn’t give a care “economically nor social responsibility African distaste of oppression. Argument your speaking for whom? Agitation is prevalent I concur as “Nordic LGBTQ male” traditionalism,regionalism,nationalism and racism paramount. Lease your in society circumvent doubt, Van when mention failure for whom? Democrats have failed the (lower income how,leniency economically and educationally when) say others. Racist speak of Detroit,Baltimore,E.St.Louis,Canton OH,Northern New Jersey and Youngstown,OH. Heritage hierarchy equivalent to “African socialism” what yeah, Nordic region given (economic grants) what happen? Corruption the entanglement is simply, majority co-dependent upon “Democrats where content. Van ask yourself man of Yale,why didn’t (majority prevail become middle class) this agenda. Civil rights think twice, I’m not being nice,your damn fool your rationalizing. Where is Black “brand management it’s around town. Only problem commodities encircled by “benchmark” principles everyone going not acquire. None popular brands really Van, your conceding don’t speak,for entire society…what mistrust did you! Believe the lies of Hillary” going what,provide corporate jobs to unfortunate ($25 billion to HBCU) how? Use to exploding doubt among, the masses when others dispute Van your irate. Vainglorious typical attitude trying to be “civil rights advocate” really speaking for masses no longer appropriate! Hip hop and governmental programs enriched Democratic party,forgotten since majority heritage. No excuse individualism (essential for LGBTQ and minorities) yes,racism temptation horrible situation use money defeat. Those of merit Trump gotten into first house,icon image and false assurance going replica of former economic era! Power of the people is only chosen few whom,feeling disparity when speak others! Everyone incurred gentrification Van fight,H1-B migration danger to everyone unity is needed! Hip hop CEO wealth nothing else why haven’t,influence higher education K-12 majority Superintends. Heritage presently closing needed schools effecting,lower income children. Admit this majority slandering “Trump” do understand governmental policies…doubt take out of context! Most only using assumptions Jay Z for governor! Van hold (forums) London Breed board of supervisor San Francisco ideal image of solidarity reverts Ellis Act of California. Biggest law enacted to defeat fair housing,London represents district 5 what have. Ms.Breed and Toney Chaplin chief of SFPD accomplished I know Van typical response color factor using majority for pursuit. Would mattered if Mr.Liar Ben Carson whom held up “Burger King” Baltimore without police report! Gotten elected first person? Are you a racist Van,support united colors goal if Hillary. D.A and Attorney generals of states if majority Democrat overturn harsh sentence appease the gang members. What about economics which Indians gotten Van observe abuse of L1 visa and H1-B plea companies ignore. Labor given favor hiring whom salaries as nationals no diversity this ordeal help us! Van your lawyer Yale alumni entails,wealth oppose Indians business affiliation gotten welcoming during Obama era majority affluent. Unity now change your ideology when,say defeat oppression are you sure or it’s personal denial? Van we need you power to all!

    • on November 12, 2016 at 1:32 am

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  2. Gerald Boesen on November 9, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    Face it Van, Obama has failed. Deal with it.

  3. Sol Rothstein on November 9, 2016 at 11:09 pm

    Van Jones, is a JACKASS…

    Obama Failed BLACK AMERICA…Plain and Simple.

    Trump Trump Trumps….

  4. John on November 10, 2016 at 11:36 am

    Van is spot on, but the voices of America spoke out at the polls. These were voices that as an electorate had not been valued for over 50 years and then it was by George Wallace, Governor of Alabama. The heritage of America, a socio-economic system for white people, particularly the culture descended from Anglo-Saxon people was heard, understood and spoken to. Donald Trump understood this better than anyone in the American establishment.

    Everyone wants to be listened to and valued. Donald Trump did not start the division in America that is most recently evidenced by protests of his win, he only exploited it for personal gain. I see the events leading to the election as a twist of the fable Stone Soup. In olden times, a weary traveler was hungry and sat on the side of the road. When approached by a local, he said he had three stones and only needed a pot of water to cook them in. He got that. Other curious locals stopped by and asked questions as to what the traveler was doing, and he would tell them he was making stone soup. But he needed fuel to heat the water. He got that. Others came and he said he needed vegetables for the stone soup, and he received them as well. Eventually he got a meal starting with nothing but his wits and charisma. Of course, the meal was shared with the community.

    Donald Trump has done the same thing. He spent relatively very little money on his campaign, faced adversity from the establishment at every turn, but told the ‘forgotten electorate’ everything they wanted to hear. Jobs will return from overseas. Law and order will prevail. Undocumented immigrants will be deported. But he even went further than Reagan, who made people feel comfortable with their prejudices, With his wits and charisma, Donald Trump won the presidency on a platform that allows people to celebrate their prejudices. And as an added bonus, an indemnity if you will, if the things he promised do not fulfill to the extent the ‘forgotten electorate’ would like them to, regardless of how uneducated, indebted or poor the ‘forgotten electorate’ may be, at least they are white, and will always be better than the highest non-white person.