6 tips to prepare your business for 2017

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

It’s Small Business Saturday. As we settle in from the craziness of Black Friday, it’s time for many small businesses to kick off their holiday promotions and prepare to close out 2016. The holidays can either be a time of great growth for your brand/business or for many who aren’t prepared, your social media sales may fall a bit. Today, I am bringing you tips on how to slay this holiday season and smile all the way to the bank.

How has your business progressed this year? Are you happy with its growth? December is the perfect time to begin aligning your brand/business not only for the holidays but your 2017 goals.

What should you be doing?

1) Review your website. Does it need updating? Is your graphics within the autumn/winter theme? Does anything look dated or need renewing? Are all of your links up to date? Click on all of your links and sequences to ensure they are working properly from beginning to end. There’s nothing worse than losing sales due to small tech issues.

2) Are you planning for upcoming sales opportunities? Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, Cyber Monday, and the holidays in general. Break out your calendar and mark what’s coming up soon that you should prepare. Remember planned sales are often more effective than flash sales, since your customers will have an opportunity to get their funds together.

3) Update all old sales and giveaways, audit your Instagram account and all other social media platforms. Is there anything that needs to be removed or no longer fits your brand?

4) For Bloggers, have you written out your editorial calendar? What will your topics be in the coming months? Have you created graphics? Do you need to reach out for guest opportunities?

5) Perhaps the most important one, talk to your audience!!! Ask what you can do for them or what they would like to see from your business. Ask often and across all platforms you are active.

6) Update your hashtags, and often we become accustomed to using the same ones over and over, especially if they are copy and pasted. Go through them and see which ones are still effective and research to find some new ones to bring new eyes in. Take advantage of holiday tags. Create custom ones for your audience to bring in more traffic.

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