Kanye West reportedly now suffering from new mental issue

Get Kanye out of Debt (Photo Credit: GoFundMe @Get Kanye Out of Debt)
Photo credit: GoFundMe – @Get Kanye Out of Debt

Kanye West’s hospital ordeal has been one of the biggest stories of the year and while the rapper still lies in a hospital bed, new reports claim that his condition is worse than his fans originally thought.

As previously reported, West’s hospitalization came just days after he went on a notorious rant during a Sacramento, California, tour stop during which he blasted his old friend, Jay Z and Beyoncé, and then revealed that he would have voted for President-elect Donald Trump during this year’s election had he actually gone to the polls.

Just two days after abruptly ending his concert after his rant, the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a 911 call at a Beverly Grove, California, address that escalated from a “disturbance” to a “medical emergency.”

Sources originally claimed that West was suffering from exhaustion and stress. However, other sources claimed that West was suffering from a full-blown “psychotic breakdown” and that doctors were helping him to become stable.

Well, now sources are saying West’s condition is worse than first thought and that he’s suffering from extreme paranoia. West has reportedly been dealing with paranoia and depression for a long time and that when he went to the hospital last week he believed that the doctors and the rest of the medical staff were out to get him. Things are alleged to have gotten so bad that West wouldn’t even let the doctors touch him.

Sources claim that doctors were eventually able to treat West and that they hope to get him stable enough to go home by Monday, Nov. 28, so he can be treated by his personal doctors. However, there’s no certainty that he’ll be ready to be discharged by tomorrow.

Well, whatever West’s condition is, we hope that he gets better soon and that he continues to manage his mental health after he leaves the hospital.

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