Police officer gets away with killing Keith Lamont Scott

Keith Lamont Scott (Facebook)
Keith Lamont Scott (Facebook)

Another police officer has gotten away with killing a Black man. Charlotte officer Brentley Vinson acted “lawfully” by killing Keith Lamont Scott, according to D.A. R. Andrew Murray for Mecklenburg County.

On Sept. 20, Scott was sitting in his car and waiting for his child when he was approached by police. Scott had not committed a crime. Scott’s wife, Rakeyia, began recording the interaction with police and began telling the cops that he was unarmed. “Don’t shoot him. He has no weapon. He has no weapon. Don’t shoot him.”

Vinson and the other officers ignored Rakeyia and began firing shots at Scott. Although video didn’t show Scott with a gun, the police claimed that he was pointing a gun at them. The prosecutor decided to believe the men who were alive to tell the story.

Following Scott’s death, protests broke out in the Charlotte area and around the nation calling for an end to police violence against Black people. Scott’s death occurred following a summer when several Black men were killed by police on video.

Philando Castile and Terence Crutcher were both shot by police and their deaths were filmed on video. Until the nation recognizes that police have too much authority to kill innocent people, the citizens will always have a chance to become victims of those who are paid by taxpayers to protect and serve.

Through their attorney, Charles Monnett, Scott’s family released a statement, We believe this situation could have ended with everyone alive. We look forward someday to obtaining justice for this family.”

The Scott family can still file a civil lawuit against the officer and the Charlotte Police Department.

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