Vivica A. Fox responds to 50 Cent’s latest jabs

Photo Credit: Instagram - @msvfox
Photo credit: Instagram – @msvfox

50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox have been beefing on and off for years over their decade-old split and recently the bitter exes found themselves at odds again this past week after 50 claimed, once again, that Fox performed analingus on him. Not surprisingly, Fox wasn’t going to take the shade lying down and she’s now fired back with a shady rebuttal of her own.

As most fans will remember, this analingus-centered beef first started last year when Fox appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” and insinuated that 50 Cent is gay. 50 being the outspoken celeb that he is consequently bashed Fox online and claimed that she was a has-been and that she licked his butt while they were together. Of course, this ended up starting an Instagram feud between the two that lasted for days before they both decided to move on.

According to reports, though, the feud between Fox and 50 was reignited when 50 appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” this week and opened up about their previous online shade fest about their former sexual exploits and Fox’s insinuation that 50 is gay.

“I said to myself, personally, I said, ‘Oh no! ‘Cause I let her lick my a–, she thinks I’m gay!’ ” 50 said to host Andy Cohen.

Well, as we all assumed, there was no way that Fox was going to let that comment slide and this weekend she fired back at 50 with an Instagram message.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @msvfox
Photo credit: Instagram – @msvfox

“Tell you what @50cent since you keep on telling that lie!! I challenge you to let’s both go on @bravowwhl and we can put this to rest!! That NEVER happened and you know it, QUEEN! But keep on telling them how u like it tho!! Let me know when u ready cause I am!! Part 2: Crazy how you 4got that u paid me to be in ya Video and went on the radio saying you did wrong by me! Boy oh boy, when that VAULT opens up it’s gonna be good! I’ve got a great memory @50cent AKA #CurtisFox,” Fox wrote on Instagram.

Clearly these two are going to be enemies till the bitter end. What do you think of their latest beef?

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