Don’t wait until 2017: 10 tips to start living a healthy lifestyle today

Photo Credit: Priscilla Williams
Photo Credit: Priscilla Williams

Have you decided to make a New Year’s resolution? I hope not, and here’s why: there are so many individuals who make resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier and even join a gym. The reality is, very few people keep that commitment and before January is even over they are back to their old habits. So instead of making a traditional New Year’s resolution, make a commitment to change your life today. Here are 10 tips you can begin to apply immediately so you can start practicing a healthy lifestyle every day. Don’t wait until 2017 to make changes.

Rolling out spoke popular lifestyle expert Priscilla Q. Williams, who says don’t wait start today and here’s how!

What are your health goals? 
What are your health goals, and why do you want to accomplish them? Losing weight? Gaining muscle? Whatever it is, it starts with a goal in mind. Some people just say they want to be healthy and that’s great, but you must have some specific goals in place. This will create momentum and encouragement. Also, when you know the reason behind what you want to accomplish you will stay committed to your goals no matter what.

Create a plan. 
After you have establish goals the next step is creating a plan or road map to get you there. This is one of the most important strategies to follow. If you want to eat healthier, make sure you create a plan. This may include meal prepping, eating out less, creating a meal plan, and even shopping for certain foods. This will help you stay on track and keep you focused.

Accountability is key. 
You must have accountability on this healthier lifestyle journey. You need someone who is going to motivate you and push you to stay committed. You don’t need people asking you to go out to eat if you told them you want to eat out less. When you are around people who are committed like you, it will help you stay committed. That’s why workout groups, and companies like weight watchers are so successful. Because they know the power of support and accountability.

Stay committed no matter what. 
When you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, you will let nothing stop you. There will always be opposition whenever you decide to do better, but you must be so committed to your “why” that you will not give up. Commitment is not based on how you feel, but based from your determination. You’re not always going to want to eat healthy or working out, but you must push past how you feel and do what you know is right for you.

You are what you eat. 
What’s on your plate? Because you truly are what you eat. If you eating burger and fries all the time, then you will have high cholesterol, hypertension, and poor digestion. However, if you eat a diet full of fruit and vegetables then you will have better digestion, increase vitamins, and the antioxidants you need. Limit foods high in sugar and salt and increase foods that will give energy, vitality, and stigma.

Get your blood pumping. 
If you want a strong heart you must get that blood pumping. When you work out you are giving your brain the oxygen and blood supply you need to not only feel good, but to think clearly. Exercise not help you lose weight, but it also helps decrease your risk for disease. If you have a membership to a gym that’s great but if not, do what you can. If you can do some workouts at home, park at the back of the parking lot and walk to the Walmart, or just take the time to walk the stairs at work. Everything you do to get that heart pumping is beneficial to your health.

Get Enough Sleep. 
Sleep deprivation is something so many people deal with, and it can really be detrimental to your health. When you don’t get enough sleep, you put yourself at risk for stress and disease. Everyone should get at least 7-8 hours a sleep a night, but very few do. Inadequate sleep can affect your weight, your mood and even your sex life. Remember getting enough rest and sleep is all part of living a healthy life style.

Give your body the supplements it need. 
Normally, you should get all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet. However, taking supplements can provide additional nutrients when your diet is lacking or when certain health conditions cause you to develop an insufficiency or deficiency. Another, mistake is cooking our vegetables too long which can cause you to lose all the minerals and vitamins. Make it a priority to check with your physician before taking any supplements.

Learn to Stress less 
Stress is a killer if you allow it to take control of your life. We all have some form of stress in our lives, but we must learn how to deal with the stress. If the stress in your life is causing headaches, muscle spasms, or even depression please seek help. When your body is under prolongs periods of stress it can cause disease in the body. Your body releases a hormone when under prolong periods of stress that can cause digestion problems, high blood, and even strokes. Stress can even cause depression and anxiety attacks and to control your stress you must manage it. Learn to say “NO” and take time for you.

Do you have a relationship with your doctor? 
Having a primary physician is important to stay healthy. Making sure you get your annual exams, check-ups, and blood test to stay on top of your health. Don’t wait until you are sick to see the doctor, have a relationship with the doctor so you catch illness before they start. Know your blood levels, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and even glucose levels. This is important so you can catch diabetes, hypertension, auto-immune disorders and even cancers. Make sure you get your prostate exams, and annual mammograms. Preventive care is what will save your life.

These are easy lifestyle strategies you can apply immediately to help you stay healthy before the new year. When you decide to live a healthy life, it will come like second nature and you won’t have to think about it. Instead of making just another new year’s resolution make a commitment to yourself, that you will live a healthy, vibrant, fulfilled life today.

Priscilla Q. Williams, RN – Author, Speaker, certified overflow coach, and global nurse educator. She is a certified oncology nurse with a specialty in chemotherapy administration. Her background experience includes Northwestern University Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center & Northwestern University Maggie Daley Breast Center. Priscilla has treated and educated patients that have been diagnosed with cancer of all types. Priscilla is the founder of Priscilla Q. Williams, Inc. ( an organization that provides education, wellness, and women’s empowerment both locally and internationally.

Nakita Nicci
Nakita Nicci

Nakita Nicci is a Television personality, award winning author, lupus survivor, lifestyle expert and writer covering all things business and beauty

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